Life @ Saffron Tech

Life at Saffron is about encouraging Youthfulness, Competitivespirit, and Teamwork with a dash of Fun and frolic.

What is it like to work at Saffron?

Imagine, having the freedom to share innovative and out-of-the-box ideas with anyone and being encouraged to succeed despite failures. A work environment that is constantly promoting positivity, friendship and teamwork; where hard work is instantly recognized and limitless growth is possible based on merit and initiative.

Saffron Tech Celebrates

  • Life
  • Dreams
  • Ambitions
  • Commitment
  • Hard work

Fun Moments @ Saffron

Here is a sneak-peek at how our employees indulge in various fun and festivities that are organized regularly at Saffron Tech Pvt. Ltd.

Employee Engagement and its USP

We take close interest in ensuring that our employees get their regular dose of fun which we believe is absolutely essential to have a healthy work environment


Employee On-Boarding

  • Regular Employee Interaction
  • Aligning the Employee with Company’s Mission

Employee Referral Program

  • Acquiring quality talent with the help of trustable references by existing employees
  • Rewards for successful references and talent acquisition

Buddy & Mentor Coaching Program

  • New Employees are allotted seasoned mentors and experts in order to guide and train them
  • Buddy program facilitates new employees to team up with allotted members of the team who help guide them through the operations and help in team building

Training & Development

  • Regular training is provided to the employees to enhance their technical skills
  • Proper guidance and training sessions are also held for honing up behavioral and communication skills.

Equality in Workplace

  • There is a strict non-discrimination policy in our workplace
  • Everyone is treated as equals irrespective of their position

Rewards & Recognition

  • Employees are rewarded and appraised based on their hard work and merit regularly.
  • We believe in appreciating and encouraging talent and their skills that they manifest while working in the organization.

Employee Welfare Activities

  • Photography & Music Clubs
  • Team Building Activities

Townhall Meetings

  • Every quarter begins with the onset of a Townhall Meet, where the CEOs of the company share the floor with the employees.
  • Open panel discussions between the employee and the CEOs.

Funtivities and Bashes

  • Cricket matches and other outdoor sports are organized for the employees
  • Birthday and other Festivity celebrations are held to lighten the mood of the employees

Value Assessment Session

  • Quarterly Reviews are held to assess the performance of each employee.
  • One to One sessions between the Manager and Employee helps communication of feedback and other focus areas that the employee needs to address in order to improve.


Job Openings

Come, be a part of the dynamic Saffron Family