We understand the importance of employee engagement and make sure that our workforce is just as entertained and motivated as they are dedicated to their routine work.

And with this aim, we are back with our monthly activities which were carefully thought to ensure that everyone is not only having fun but is also challenged to think and act outside of what they are a pro at.

Saffron Saturday

We get one Saturday with our team, and the goal is to make it as fun and engaging as possible. This Saturday started with giving away the awards to the winners of the previously held GK Quiz along with two fun activities.

Employees were asked to bring on their creative mojos for the poster making competition, and they did not let us down with their woke and thought-provoking ideas on the burning societal issues. There was a “one picture speaks volumes” poster on gender equality, why our planet needs immediate attention, the power of positive thinking, nip office politics in the bud, and much more. It was nothing short of equal parts appalling and relieving to see the workforce being so invested and vocal about their perception in the form of arts.

Saturdays at Saffron

Wearing the Creative Hat

The other, and rather mentally stimulating activity kept in line for the employees was Fastest Finger First (Yes, KBC reference! Thank you!), where they were asked the trending and general knowledge questions. Since everyone here wears multiple hats, seldom do they get time to discuss the world, politics, environment but that didn’t mean they don’t know what is happening around them. Everyone earnestly participated and were engrossed in the quiz, with the puzzled to surprise to happy waveform coming with every question, very apparent on their faces. This quiz brought the most aware and active group into the light, who later became the winner of the competition.

Yoga Day

21st June was celebrated as the Yoga Day across the world, with the individual, social clubs, schools, organizations celebrating the spirit of this healthy habit in their unique way.

We, at Saffron Tech,  decided to “namaste” at our work stations. Plugged in the “Yoga with Adriene” and while employees took their sweet time to go with the flow,  once they started aligning their movement with the infamous yoga instructor, you could see them relaxing and being more present at the moment. Those who have been practicing yoga for quite a while were seen helping others with the postures. An 8-minutes of OM chanting followed the “yoga at your desk” session. OM chanting is believed to help with bringing rationality and clarity in mind, normalizing our internal self, both of which are much needed in this hustle-bustle of life. These were the 20 minutes, half of us didn’t know was needed to help us detangle and steer with our productivity ahead.

Saturdays at Saffron2

‘Yoga at work station’ helping the workforce find and relish peace in this rush of life

The goal of making Saturday engaging as well as enjoyable was hence joyfully accomplished.

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