Although, we don’t realise it much but science is present in everything that we do in our daily life. From using simple electronic devices to closing a door, almost every phenomenon is governed by science. In the tech savvy world, everything is accessible very easily and most of our daily requirements are just a click away. This had been possible only because of the contributions that science and technology has blessed the mankind with.

On this National Science Day, let us celebrate innovations and discoveries that have led to an overall betterment of the world. It is noteworthy here that for a better growth and development, we need to function through the means of sustainable development. For doing so, it is necessary that we all learn few things about sustainable use of science, so as to prevent any harm to environment. On February 28, 1928,Venkata Raman made a great discovery relating to the phenomenon of scattering of light, which is also known as the Raman Effect. He won a Nobel Prize for the same after a period of two years.

Ways To Rediscover Science

Mentioned below are some of the best ways possible to rediscover science and to use it in a better way in our day to day life: –

  • Easy Communications – Science has made communication easy, in this digital world, we are virtually connected to each other with the help of various social media platforms and mobile phones. But, we should always remember, addiction of anything leads to bad effects. The new generation needs to maintain a balance between the virtual and the real world. They should devote some more time in real conversations and value relationships outside social world as well.
  • Solar Powers – With innovations of various electronic devices, steep rise in consumption of electricity, there has been an increase in the harmful effects on environment. Most of the electricity is produced by burning coal and it leads to air pollution’s. Solar Power is a very good alternative as it makes use of the sunlight which otherwise goes waste. More usage of solar powers will protect our environment and also lead to sustainable use of science and technology.
  • Go Green – At Saffron Tech, we welcome new innovations and technology but we also make sure that we make sustainable use of it. We follow the 3 R’s that is we Reduce, Reuse and Recycle. We make sure to switch off, all electronic devices, while we are not working. We try to go digital as much as possible, so that we don’t really need to use paper much. We try to recycle our paper and other biodegradable wastes.

At Saffron Tech, we believe in smaller steps to bring about larger changes, so as to benefit the entire mankind. We work bit by bit and contribute our parts to bring a change in the world.

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