Whenever anyone talks about the best platform for building an impeccable eCommerce store then the first name that pops in the mind of everyone is Magento. Currently, we can say that Magento 2 is one of the most widely used eCommerce platforms in the whole world. Magento Commerce pages load 30% to 50% more quickly and add-to-cart server response times are 66% faster than Magento CE. Most of the people looking forward to building an eCommerce store prefer custom Magento solutions. There are obviously many platforms out there that have the capability of building a responsive and appealing eCommerce store but the features, ease, and advantages offered by Magento can’t be overcast.

There were several changes made in Magneto after acquisition by the Adobe team. Now, Magneto has three major offerings in its core product, and in this blog post, we are going to talk about the two major offerings; Magento Community and Magento Commerce Cloud edition.

There are many merchants out there that are still in doubt regarding the different offerings of Magneto. The main query most of the people have is what benefits they will have over each other and which edition of Magento they should pick for their eCommerce store.

So, without any further ado, let’s shed some light on the two major editions of Magneto; Magneto community and Magneto commerce cloud edition.

Magento Community

The Magneto Community was earlier known as Magento Community Edition and when the 2017 rebranding of the whole product range of Magento happened, the Magneto community edition became a part of the Magneto Open Source. The Magento Community is still available to be downloaded for free and for a very long time, it has been one of the most admired choices among SMEs that are looking forward to highly advanced and feature-rich platforms that can level the playing field. This is why experts suggest using custom Magento solutions.

While most people relate Magneto Community with SMEs only, you should know that it has a long list of enterprise clients as well. The presence of enterprise clients in the Magento Community list is mainly because of the platform being lightweight. One of the best examples of enterprise clients using the Magento Community will be Brand Alley. This brand took advantage of the Magento Open Source and went on building customized solutions on top of it. A large portion of giant online stores based on the Magneto platform was once a part of the Magneto Open Source.

In the past few years, there were several changes made in the Magneto Open Source but its functionality remained the same. But now you will witness the changes in the functionality of this advanced platform as well. You can take advantage of Magento portal development and leverage from the changes. Advanced features like visual merchandising, page builder and content staging are some of the examples that will justify the changes in the functionality of Magento Open Source.

Some of the big names using Magento Open –

  • PMT Music
  • The V&A
  • Tog24
  • Pretty LittleThing, and much more

Magento Commerce Cloud Edition

Magento Commerce Cloud Edition is a new addition to the Magento offerings. You can say that Magneto Commerce is basically an on-premise solution and at the same time, offers you a flagship solution in the form of Magento Commerce Cloud. The advanced Commerce cloud allows users to unlock the power of cloud along with the integration of AWS cloud services and that’s why Magento portal development will be the best option for you. We can say that Magneto Commerce Cloud Edition is a powerful offering from Magneto.

The advanced Magento Commerce Cloud Edition has got all the features that come baked right into the other offering of Magento but along with this, the Magento Commerce Cloud Edition has various different tools for optimization, quick CDN, and much more. In addition to this, the Magento Commerce Cloud edition will now come integrated with Adobe Campaign, Adobe Experience Manager, Adobe Target, and Adobe analytics as well.

There are different types of tiers available in the cloud edition and you can choose the best one according to your need. Some of the most popular and used tiers are Cloud Essential and Cloud Starter. There is also a premium option available for giant enterprises and it is built around Adobe Enterprise offerings.

Some of the big names using Magento Commerce Cloud Edition:-

  • Helly Hansen
  • Bulk Powders
  • BrewDog, and much more

Which one will be a better choice?

The new addition to the Magento Commerce cloud edition has been designed to keep performance in mind. This is why it’s no surprise that page loads in Magento Commerce Cloud Edition are 30 to 50% faster and in addition to this, it can handle 39% of more orders per hour while boosting the add-to-cart time by up to 66%.

Another advantage that you will get after shifting to the advanced Magento Commerce cloud edition is the response time. Since Commerce Cloud will be based on proper hosting setup, the response time for catalogue browsing will increase by many folds. This type of enhancement in the performance will mean that you will be able to increase interaction on your website and minimize the number of abandoned carts on the online store.

The new Commerce cloud has better performance and thus it will be effective in managing and controlling traffic on your website. You will be surprised to know that the Commerce Cloud edition is capable of handling around 10 million page views an hour and that’s a lot when you consider the page views of some of the bigger companies in your industry. And since you can distribute the demand on the highly flexible hosting structure, you will be able to manage the traffic in a much more effective manner.

There is no denial in the fact that if you will choose Magneto then you will be able to thrive on better performance, better response rate, and improved functionality. From traffic management to a decrease in the number of abandoned carts, there will be many advantages offered by the Commerce Cloud edition that will improve your online presence. So, without any second thoughts, you should opt for custom Magento solutions by choosing the Commerce cloud. By making this paradigm shift, you will get the best of both the worlds; cloud and Magento. 

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