Women’s Day. A day saluting all the women of today for their marvellous achievements in all walks of life.

Women, in general and all around the world, have been continuously fighting through decades for those same basic ‘human rights’ that others take for granted and sadly in some parts of the world, the fight still continues to this day!

It all began in August 1910, Denmark, when nearly 100 women delegates from 17 different countries strongly agreed to an idea of celebrating ‘International Women’s Day’ as a strategy to promote equal rights.

Primarily empowering the powerless, this move echoed with the underprivileged women of that time in Europe. Soon enough public demonstrations were made by women demanding equal rights amongst other protests.

And they’ve come a long way since then.

Through time, Women’s day has lost all it’s past treacherous political context becoming simply a day to honor women.

Women’s Day 2018

While nothing improvident is done in India on this day. We, nonetheless celebrated it with great zeal and enthusiasm.

We themed both our offices in pink. Pink balloons, pink ribbons, pink roses and everything pink. And all the lovely ladies in our offices were gifted with a personalized inspirational Women’s Day greeting card and a pink rose appreciating their hard work and insane work ethics. But the celebrations didn’t end there, later we organized a cake cutting ceremony as well to give the girls a little treat and make them feel special one last time before they headed for their homes.

Women’s Day 2018

At Saffron Tech, we strongly encourage a gender parity mindset and believe in creating a gender inclusive work environment. The story of the long struggle of women for equality belongs to no single feminist or organisation but to the collective efforts of all.

So, we made International Women’s Day our day and did what we could to really make a positive difference in the lives of the strong women in our company, even if it was for a single day, it meant a lot for us!

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