Being fit in a daily life routine is one of the personal goals of many people nowadays. Therefore, sports have become an integral part of life. At Saffron Tech, we always give importance to maintain an excellent work-life balance. So on the occasion of National Sports Day, we engaged our workaholic team members in the game of Kabaddi and Badminton.

National Sports day is celebrated on the birth anniversary of hockey legend Major Dhyan Chand. He won many gold medals in Olympics for India in the years 1928, 1932 and 1936. He scored over 400 goals in his career, from 1926 to 1948. National sports day is celebrated all over India in different ways. However, we at saffron tech decide to stick to India legacy of sports. So we selected Kabaddi over any other game.

Preparation for the Day started 2-3 days before, and everyone was well informed about the celebration in advance. We kept the two different time slots for both shifts. For the morning, we chose to play the games at around 4:30 pm, and at around 12:30 am for the night shift.

From deciding the game to managing the fair play, all the tasks were taken care of by our HR department. As it was the birth anniversary of Major Dhyan Chand, we couldn’t start a celebration without a cake cutting. After cake cutting teams indulge themselves in developing the strategies to achieve the zenith, at 4:30 pm, we kick start the Kabaddi program, which witnesses the participation of boys mostly. And on the other hand, girls got to engage themselves in the game of Badminton.

In Kabaddi match, four teams were formed. All of them fought a fierce knockout. Each of the players displayed their best to make their team win the match. This also gave us an insight of how fit our workaholic members are.

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