8th March could not have started on a better note for us Saffronites. Celebrating the spirit of womanhood with enthusiasm, a group of our young workforce went on to participate in the Run4niine Marathon organized at Gurgaon, Leisure Valley.

Women's Day

This early morning event was organized across the country in cities like Gurgaon, Lucknow, Pune, Mumbai, Amritsar and more to promote menstrual hygiene awareness amongst the masses. An alarming cause that has been gaining widespread and newfound acknowledgment in our society recently through a popular Hindi film called Padman.

The marathon event was a success wherein our runners returned with more insights about the program and menstrual hygiene in general, making everyone aware of the cause they ran for and what we can do as members of the society to help spread awareness on this issue.

As part of the celebration, the lovely ladies were presented with a personalized heartfelt card from the management coupled with a beautiful rose. The indoor premises at Saffron was decorated with a little extra effort to mark this day as even more special. Taking the celebrations ahead, our human resource department had arranged for a celebratory cake with some yummy refreshments for all.

Women's Day

To memorialize the importance of Women’s day, each member present at the ceremonial celebration was asked to express their views about the importance of this day, and what important role have their mother, daughter, sisters or better-halves have played in their lives. The session was filled with some really inspiring stories wherein many of us admitted to the fact that we would not make it this far in our lives, had it not been for the unwavering support and obscure sacrifices of our mothers, our elder sisters or our partners.

At Saffron, we believe the spirit of women leadership is evident in a work culture where equal representation, equal opportunities, and the same ordinances apply to the whole organization.

We are proud of the fact that the work culture here at Saffron holds diversity and believes in equal opportunity for one and all.

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