If you follow trends and other developments in UX design, UX design can be a developmental subject. In recent years, several advanced technologies have appeared, such as augmented reality, voice user interfaces, and smart home devices. The latest innovations and technological advances will change UX design even further. That’s why building a robust online presence for your brand or company requires a UX design strategy that fits these trends. So, pay attention to user experience design trends and adapt to these innovative user experience design trends.

A product is not just a product but a combination of a range of integrated experiences. From phones to smartphones, taxis, watch movies, listen to music, compare product reviews and prices, follow the news, and, most importantly, how to spend time on the various social network.

UX Expert Opinion

Every PC user is now familiar with UI / UX design. We all experience the features of a user interface. But there are two UX ideas.

The authors of UX Lean Startup argue that UX design identifies individual experiences and that the product or software on the site can determine a customer’s path. Also, when software developers made important decisions about how customers use their products, they explained that user interface design is a process, not proof of transfer — eye movement.

Tomer Sharon, a senior user experience researcher at Google, said user experience is a very personal experience when using the product. UX design is based on user emotions.

There will be a lot of development in UX in 2019, and improvements in UX design by 2020. But let’s see what will bring this year.

Forecasting UX Design Trends by 2020

UX design and technology trends change every two years. Development principles and processes remain the same, but the UXD trend is continuously evolving. When a person’s behavior changes, the use of technology devices increases, as does the need to attract and engage users.

Designers need constant access to the latest UXD trends to meet new and future design requirements. This is a new design trend expected in 2020.

  • Device synchronization.
  • Including a story, the design provides many more benefits.
  • Minimalism brings more benefits.
  • Mindfulness design.
  • Voice user interface and AI technology.
  • Extended reality.
  • Chatbot and AI / ML

Device Synchronization

Device synchronization is the latest trend. Whether it’s a smartphone, watch, or laptop, users need dynamic capabilities on any device. Interactions now include booking a taxi or hotel, making online purchases, or cleaning the room. All this is possible on the Internet.

Uber is the best example to consider because it fully implements an independent hardware approach. If you’ve used Uber before, you can start your journey using voice commands and end with a mobile app or watch. So you can perform an ongoing task on another platform without interrupting your work.

Engaging storytelling has other advantages:

UI and UX are more than just design. Businesses today need to tell exciting stories about the digital experience they provide. Therefore, the design needs to follow trends, interests, behaviors, and customer journeys.

Incomplete user experience with no content – Provide content that is relevant and accessible to your audience. Designed to find the right content and technology to deliver the most appropriate user experience.

Minimalism brings more benefits:

Your user interface design must be simple enough to be creative. Minimalism is the trend in the user interface for the next trend. Users should spend more time on the application.

Three important warnings:

  • Maintain custom navigation modes based on contextual features.
  • We recommend implementing time-saving design features for maximum efficiency and a convenient user interface.
  • Pop-ups and unnecessary notifications are not overloaded to the user.

Mindfulness design:

The designer tries to follow the accepted design pattern. What makes a designer strong and tangible is the ability to recognize end-user needs. The careful design seems to have a positive impact on user experience. Think of the most common ways to use UX design to attract potential customers and expand your customer base.

Voice user interface:

According to a study of UX marketing and design experts, more than 35 million people in the U.S. used to voice support at least once a month in 2017. In Siri’s Google Home, Alexa is using employ more and more people to gather information and other tasks. This is mainly due to the voice-based accessibility features that allow users to do many things just by searching and speaking information. The convenience and comfort provided by this support will indeed become popular in the future. Make the most of this innovation trend.

Certification is Easy:

If you are accessing the Internet and you visit many websites, you may not be able to verify your password multiple times. Most Internet users spend a lot of time signing up for simple, unlocked password-determined services that meet predefined requirements. Most users have to go through complicated steps to forget these passwords and change or recover them.

If many readers realize that about 37% of internet users are experiencing the same problem once a month, that could be a surprising result. To resolve these issues, some websites may have entered the login method without a password. This can be done using magic links, temporary passwords, and biometric data. This allows users to provide excellent access to their site and enhance security.

Appeared material design:

Most UX developers often ask if they want a graphic design or hardware design. It is true that graphics were a popular choice a few years ago but since the introduction of hardware design. Most of the user experience designers today make special efforts to provide visitors with an enjoyable experience. This is done using 3D icons, adaptive animations, transitions, shadows, etc.

Since most users want an enjoyable experience, the regularity of graphic design does not immediately affect site visitors. Therefore, user-centric material design techniques can interact and entertain with real visitors. It is widespread and usually accepted. The bottom line is that hardware design is the best option to deliver more content to your site visitors. Otherwise, use a flat website template.


Sustainable phones are carefully designed to enhance the user experience of mobile visitors. The device supports multitasking, VR technology, and can support most monitors. However, the main drawback of these tools is that they provide much more sophisticated features than regular users.

Surprisingly, traveling the earth has long been a habit. As a result, the manufacturer has to give up the smartphone. Slow walking should be a place where users can use the land.

Personalized UI Experience:

Many Internet users prefer an interface designed according to their preferences and preferences. On the other hand, a recent expert survey found that about 33% of customers have left their businesses due to a lack of personal information. That is why you need to understand the needs of your customers.

Find your request based on past results, tracking, shopping, and interests. If you can provide a user interface to customers with another group of users, it will impress your customers.

Multi-Device Experiences:

The number of connected devices will be estimated at the end of 2010. This means that many internet users can use the same tools to access internet information. UI/UX design experts believe that designers should focus on providing information for multiple computers instead of booting and comfortable phones.

Culture or practice developing many tools to provide Internet visitors to site visitors will undoubtedly be popular since 2020. Depending on your social network, what you can take advantage of Website users can enjoy.

Video Information:

As you know, content can be in the form of images, photos, infographics, or videos. Internet users should know that they don’t want to read the big screen anymore. That is why you need to include images, videos, and other videos to increase the interest of your site visitors and spend more time on your site.

According to Cisco polls, video content accounts for about 80% of the world’s Internet. The maximum distance for Internet users is about 8 seconds. This means you must produce sufficient knowledge. You can do this through the media containing the necessary information.

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