Saffron Tech strives to bring fun and highlights beauty of festivals further adding zeal at the workplace in various innovative ways. On September 29, 2017, Saffron Tech celebrated the spirit of Dussehra festival by organizing an event. As part of this celebration, the team witnessed different fun themed Dusshera team activities. This gala celebration seemed to be one of its kind due to its uniqueness and positive spirit shown by the participants.

Saffron Tech believes that engaging activities keep employees refreshed and relaxed. Having fun activities at workplace encourages team building, relieve stress, bring employees together and further reduce attrition.

Saffron Tech organized a formal Dusshera puja apart from team sports, carnival contest, sweets’ distribution followed by declaration of winning team. Our HR department decked the entire office with bright and colorful fabrics to adorn the office environment. They also placed Goddess Laxmi idol in the reception area.

The management served special lunch to ensure employees get a home cooked food feel. All the team members gathered at their workstation in ethnic clothes for the celebration. This proved to be the best time to take a break from the routine of formal dress code.

This Dussehra celebration at Saffron witnessed impassioned participation from all the team members during the five hour special event in the evening.  The HR department had divided the members into three groups. Among all the activities ‘Ram lila’ activity kept the members engaged the entire day. In this activity,  all the team members narrated Ramayana story in the most intriguing way. The team rehearsed for over a week in advance to enact the roles assigned to them.

The kind of atmosphere which has created in the house was just something out of the box. Musical and digital WORLD ramayan were the most humorous act that deserve all the applauds for the hard work that has been put for the creation of its concept. On the other hand, traditional ramayan with the complete hold over on its language and the characters reached the intensity that made us feel we are actually time travelled. The Director of Saffron appreciated the creativity of the teams.

The fun part didn’t end here, our night team had more fun in a newspaper folding game. After going through with some of the terrific ramayan performances, the newspaper folding game filled the night with one of the best joyful moments that is going to stay with all the team members for lot more coming years.The team was fully pumped to have diwali celebration with lot of sport and games.

Bright decor, interesting game and delicious refreshments contributed to the perfect Dussehra celebration. The entire company exchanged Dussehra wishes. This festival symbolizes unity in diversity and a great way to support team building and represent a significant company culture.

These celebration build stronger connection among the team members while depicting the richness of Indian culture. All the staff members perform their tasks diligently throughout the year. The whole idea behind organizing these team building activities is to attain the target and offer quality services. The company makes sure that every member is motivated to boost the productivity and achieve the desired results.

Saffron Tech offers a flexible working environment to get quality results in order to contribute to the exponential growth of the company. Our company believes that celebrating festival at workplace is the ideal way to create a strong bond among the team members. It in turn helps them in working harmoniously to accomplish the objectives of the company by and large.

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