10 years is no less than a milestone. I can proudly say I have been a part of the company since its inception. We at Saffron Tech recently celebrated this milestone. In my ten years at Saffron tech, I have witnessed the peaks and valleys the company has been through. The journey can surely be compared to a roller coaster ride which instilled in me some significant professional skills. Today, at the conclusion of 10 years I can surely say that Saffron Tech is my “second home”.

Growth Opportunities

In these ten years, both me and the company have taken significant leaps in our career. I was trusted and supported by the founders at every moment. They made me feel that the company is my own and this is the sole reason behind my utmost dedication. As a professional, I was given the responsibility of expressing my creativity and guiding projects in the way I felt was correct. In these ten years, multiple trends and technologies emerged and I kept on learning each of them and kept moving ahead with the team. I experimented and went on mastering the technologies one by one.

How Did I Manage To Stay Dedicated ?

I have always been a responsible individual in the organization and the founders have always counted upon me. It is due to their trust in me that I was able to achieve all of this in these ten years. My key responsibilities kept changing over every period of time, from programming and web development to client handling and team management, I have always put my best foot forward to achieve my targets.

How is Saffron Tech Different ?

I have heard and seen multiple companies and especially the start ups starting up and then shutting down in no time. A major reason for the same is that the companies are not able to handle the downfall and have started up without much of planning. But, this isn’t a case with Saffron Tech. I honestly was a bit hesitant at first because I was investing my time and career in a company merely 3 months old, but I was quite impressed by the founders. The company has always survived even in the times of crisis and downfall.

The best feature of Saffron Tech is the variety of work and creative freedom, I have never experienced monotony and mundanity in the work that I am Assigned in the organisation. I am a workaholic and I absolutely love getting surrounded by work and this is what Saffron Tech offers me. Apart from everything, Saffron Tech is quite unique in its growth opportunities, platform and overall work culture.

Client handling experience

Saffron Tech helped in inculcating innumerable professional skills of which client handling is a prominent one. My top most priority has always been client handling. I was never a trained client relationship manager but my working experience at Saffron Tech has sculpted me into a master of this field. I now interact and communicate with the clients without much of hesitation and hassle.

Dedicating the early years of my career to a company like Saffron Tech was surely the best decision of my life. I believe that learning is a lifelong process and therefore, I learn and unlearn new things quite often and Saffron Tech has always held a helping hand in the same. I wish loads and loads of success to the organizations and I wish to be a part of each those successes.

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