“If we had as much as sense as a goose…….”  – Lessons From Geese.

If you have read “Lessons From Geese,” you sure would be able to complete this sentence, with whichever of the four implication you want to implement in your organization. And if not, you should know that Lesson From Geese is Milton Olson’s perspective on how to approach and succeed in one’s business. By citing the example of geese flying in a V formation, Milton Olson emphasizes how these natural traits of geese can be effectively implemented in a business setting.

Saffron Tech organized a workshop on the 9th of February at Ibis Gurugram, for initiating a company-wide “Orbital Shift” to scale the company. Here, a significant portion of the workshop was dedicated to Milton’s philosophy of operating and succeeding in an organization by sharing a common direction.

Our Co-Founders – Gaurav Sabharwal and Vibhu Satpaul along with our Mentor, addressed the core team members. The workshop began with a light breakfast, followed by Gaurav and Vibhu, welcoming and encouraging the team to proactively participate and put forward their challenges, ideas, and expectations pertaining to overall growth of the company. Team members were provided with an open discussion platform to share what they identify as the challenging areas and what strategies they feel can aid the improvement process.

Quoting the Lesson from Geese, Gaurav & Vibhu, emphasized on the pivotal role of every member, how a team can grow with every unique individual contribution and how the load, when shared would help not just the individual but the organization in steering ahead. He further discussed how leadership should not be seen in singular form and rather a collective effort, where he explained on how geese fly in ‘V’ formation, the leader geese keeps rotating to let other geese understand the responsibility and forge ahead together in their unique manner. Our core team members agreed to state how regular huddles and accountability has increased the team’s efficiency.

Leadership should not be seen in singular form and rather a collective effort..

Our mentor also discussed the other pivotal verticals that contribute to a more efficient organization such as acknowledging gender diversity ratio, branding, offshore team management (for US team members of our company), rewards and perks for employees, improving the infrastructure, etc.

The objective of this session was to inculcate a broader perspective when it comes to leadership. In order to take the team and ultimately the organization to a higher level, the prime focus should be continuous growth with a performance-driven mindset.

The inspiring discussion and in-depth assessment of key focus areas resulted in providing a clear action plan for the team leads. Following a rejuvenating tea break,  everyone reconvened for the final stretch of the workshop. Various action plans and strategies were assigned to the members and a roadmap for 2019-2022 was laid out with various milestones along the course of the journey.

Our mentor shared what he felt could help with filling the gaps, aligning tasks delegation with their achievability levels and ways in which the responsibility should be delegated so that its progress is measurable.

The team members thoroughly enjoyed this engaging session. The session followed by an exquisite lunch was refreshing. This interactive session made sure the different leaders of their respective departments feel connected and can now aim towards a collective goal that shall help make this Orbital Shift possible. In the end, the session concluded with how our teams should further strengthen their teams and work on the plan that will help us take Saffron to the next level.

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