Saffron redefined its aura of spreading happiness with the vibrant Diwali celebrations. Be it the ‘Shubh’ (divine) Puja, various activities or dancing to the Bollywood numbers. The workforce had come prepared with some fun and unique activities for the celebrations. The Rangoli exhibition organized by different teams at the organization was a colorful and vivacious experience. Each Rangoli was really innovative where the team had displayed their creative best. They worked as a team to compete for the best price for having the best rangoli among other team members.

The HR department along with Co-Founders, Vibhu Satpaul and Gaurav Sabharwal were pleased by the colorful rangolis created by the different teams. This activity signified the unity and teamwork wherein everyone had put in their efforts on display. Another gaming activity was the stacking up of the glass where the team members engaged themselves in beating another team to win the price.

Overall, the ambiance was full of enthusiasm as teams came up with innovative decoration ideas. While Naveed explained the joy and unity linked with these celebrations by stating how “This festival is a reminder of unity in diversity as people from different communities and religions come together”.

The competition was concluded with a prize distribution ceremony  At the end, a surprise event was planned where the evening’s best dressed male and female co-workers were chosen and awarded. An even bigger surprise was the special lunch organized by the heads as no Indian celebration is complete without food. Selfies ruled the entire day, and work was not on anyone’s list

This festive celebration emerged as the biggest employee engagement activity of the year so far. Such celebrations help create an inclusive environment across different departments boosting everyone’s morale, promoting engagement and camaraderie.

The rest of the evening was celebrated by distributing sweets and gifts. Naseem distributed the Diwali gifts which also included a customized T-shirt in white color. Time flew by unknowingly as the day ended and we all went home with cherished memories of celebrating this year’s Diwali in team spirit.

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