The Multi-Chamber Breakfast Event brought numerous digital leaders together to look into industry insights. With presentations, panels, keynotes and networking session, the event threw up some brilliant conversations. It showcased the latest digital marketing strategies and technologies. This event equipped entrepreneurs with the knowledge and skills to address the upcoming challenges in Digital Marketing.

Our co-founder Gaurav Sabharwal had the honor of giving a presentation at this incredible event. Some of the best thought leaders from the field of digital marketing present there offered actionable takeaways to the delegates for immediate effect on their marketing campaigns.

Mr. Gaurav Sabharwal covered the different modules of digital marketing. His presentation incorporated targeted insights on aspects of digital marketing. Undoubtedly, it is not easy for any individual to become an expert in every module. It is with years of experience that Mr. Sabharwal has come to the conclusion that digital marketing should be executed in an integrated way. Some of the key points discussed in his presentation were:

  • SEO
  • Content
  • Mobile Responsive Website
  • Backlinks and
  • Local Business Citations

Every module like SEO, Content, Backlinks are powerful on its own. When combined uniquely, they can add to an exponential growth of the business.

His presentation elaborated the current digital transformation trends, re-evaluated what the customer values and ways to develop an operating model for competitive differentiation.

He began with discussing the importance of meeting customers’ requirements. As customer experience can take place at any point, it is important to get everything at the right place in the consumer journey. His presentation revolved around the importance and ways to create more personalized digital experiences for the consumers.

Customer experience includes touchpoints and interactions over customer’s journey with the brand, right from prospect to advocacy. A business requires a digital platform to support the strategy and orchestrate the journey. He took the stage to elaborate on the effective strategy and important lessons learned in the expedition to deliver best services. Further, his presentation delves deep into ways to leapfrogging the competition and overcoming challenges through digital innovation.

The event was a great success in bringing together the brightest minds from tech and digital space. We believe that the information shared during the presentation will help businesses prepare for upcoming changes and becoming more constructive in the long run. Saffron Tech is always delighted to meet and engage with industry leaders who share the same professional passion. We strive to help our client in spearheading the digital initiatives at the top of their business game.

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