Researchers have shown how education has been pivotal in determining the course of social, political and cultural prosperity in all ages of recorded history. And just when we begin preferring tablets to desktops, social networking to traditional media and rationality, the value of education is now so much more apparent. We seem to be too curious these days, and why not?

Saffron Tech celebrated the spirit of Teacher’s Day by inculcating the positive attributes and sharing their memories of the best piece of advices that the mentors and teachers of the employees have shared with them, that has helped them in becoming who they are.

The Saffron Team comprises of people from all walks of life, and this coming together of thoughts and ideas that gave room for a lot of wisdom and a healthy discussion about the importance of education, thought leadership and guidance that has shaped us all to be who we are today.

On Teacher’s day, work was subsided with thought engagement and discussion related activities that put everyone up on the floor to share their ideas and views with each other. Other than a brain teasing session, this lead to creating a tighter bond between the team members and as a result, it reflected on the work done after.

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