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Saffron Tech builds full sized social networking solutions to extend existing applications with innovative tools for incorporating smart features of social networking in your product.

Our solutions are characteristic through open APIs, ability of data upload and design that are service oriented in Web 2.0.

We Offer Social Networking Arena in the following areas:

  • Anonymous sharing portal development
  • Social networking portal development
  • Dating Portals and Apps
  • Chatting Apps
  • Facebook WIDGETS and API integration
  • API integration LinkedIn, Instagram and Twitter
  • Internal Messaging
  • Audio video uploading and sharing
  • Video and Photo galleries
  • Phonebook Based Network

Why us?

user friendly approach

Our experts hold years of experience in technology field. They have worked in the most advanced platforms of social networking. We provide user friendly and innovative search engine features.

Support and maintenance

The custom site requires minimal support for navigation and browsing. We facilitate feedback and observation of clients for better scalability, stability and versatility of social platforms.

Maintaining security and privacy

We maintain optimum level of security and privacy in the social networking sites and prevent unauthorized access.

Skilled developers

We have a team of highly skilled developers specializing in developing social networking websites and embrace new changes entailed by global online community.

Advanced technology and innovation

We possess years of experience in designing and staying updated with the latest methodologies and technologies. Our latest techniques and tools are designed to deliver best web solution.


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