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We know how important releasing picture-perfect software or applications can be for your business; after all, your business reputation is on the line with each software release or application you publish on the web.

That’s why at Saffron Tech, we provide thorough software testing and QA services so you can send out your applications and software for web, desktop, or mobile with confidence. We have an in-house team of experienced software QA testers who’ll take full responsibility of making your software absolutely bug-free and ensure it is performing optimally.

We offer a comprehensive set of detailed, unmatched software testing services that can be delivered in an agile or DevOps environment. All our testers are ISTQB-certified software engineers who combine proven methodologies with their vast industry experience of more than 10 years to help clients achieve their software testing goals and objectives with ease, every single time.

Our Services

1. Functional Testing Services

Functional testing is carried out to test each and every line of code of your software to ensure that it functions correctly. Also, we make sure the software conforms to any and all specified business requirements. The functional testing services we provide are primarily manual, with acute attention to detail.

Unit & Integration Testing

Here we check each and every line of code and all integration points of your software to make sure it’s operating properly.

System Testing

How your software works as a whole and its overall functionality is put to the test in this step.

Smoke Testing

We check that absolutely no showstopper bugs exist in your software or app that may hinder testers from further investigating the software in detail.

Sanity Testing

We do this to check if the software is capable of handling various testing processes.

GUI Testing

Graphical User Interface testing (GUI) is done to validate the UI of your software or application according to business requirements.

Regression Testing

This allows us to confirm the software still runs the same way if some code changes are applied.

Database Testing

We do this to make sure all components of the database are working in sync and working well.

Responsive Testing

Verifies your software works equally well on different phones and screen sizes.

API Testing

Here we check all the API’s of your software or application to make sure they are working perfectly.

Mobile UI Testing

We do this to make sure your users are completely satisfied with the UI of your software or application on different mobile phones.

2. Non-Functional Testing Services

Non-functional requirements tend to be those that reflect the quality of the product, particularly in the context of the suitability perspective of its users. We usually do this after the completion of Functional Testing. Here are a few manual non-functional testing services we provide:

Usability Testing

This is done to assess various usability factors of your software and to make sure that it is easy to use.

Accessibility Testing

We do this to make sure your software or application is usable by people with disabilities, like hearing or visual impairment, color blindness, and cognitive impairments.

Compliance Testing

This particular type of testing aligns your software or application functionalities with your unique business requirements.

Ad-hoc Testing

This is an informal, generalized type of testing we conduct before anything else. The objective is to break the system and uncover defects.

Cloud Testing

Cloud testing is a form of software testing in which web applications use simulated environments (“the cloud”) to mimic real-world user traffic.

Compatibility Testing

We run compatibility tests to check whether your software is capable of running on different hardware, operating systems, applications, network environments, and mobile devices.

Interoperability Testing

This is done to verify that your software or application can interoperate with other software, software components, or systems.

Performance Testing

We do performance testing to be sure that your software or application performs optimally in high-stress situations.

Penetration Testing

Penetration testing, also known as pen testing, is a simulated cyber attack against your computer system that looks for for exploitable vulnerabilities.

Volume Testing

What if a lot of users suddenly sign up for your software? Will it be able to handle the volume? We find out by volume testing in a virtual environment.

3. Testing Automation

A bit short on time and want to go the automated way? Put your mind at ease as we use the best industry tools to provide you with automation testing services. We leave no stone unturned to eradicate the tiniest of glitches and bugs from your software or application and ensure unmatched product delivery.

Our Process


The technologies we use

  • Selenium-WebDriver
  • Apache-Jmeter
  • Amazon-AWS
  • Kali-Linux
  • Appium
  • Postman

Why us?

Flexible but spot-on approach

We plan your test strategy with your unique business requirements in mind and make any necessary changes along the way to ensure the best results.

Your trusted testing partner

We have been in this industry for more than 10 years and have advised a number of big and small businesses. Choose the best testing strategies and procedures. Our QA specialists stay in the loop and will help you devise the right testing approach for your software or application.

An eye for bugs

Our able QA testers will find and weed out all the bugs in your application or software and optimize it for superior unaltered performance.

Hire our QA testers

And weed out all the bugs and glitches in your application

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