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When it comes to mobile applications and softwares in general, Quality assurance is more important than marketing. All your marketing efforts will fail remarkably if your software is laden with bugs, glitches and imperfections.

So, to make users stay, it goes without saying that software testing is vital if you’re looking to deliver a truly seamless experience to your users through your app or software and at Saffron Tech we implement the latest functional and non-functional software testing methodologies to make sure of the same.

Our Software Testing Methodologies

1. Functional Testing

Functional testing focuses on testing the overall user interface of an application to make sure that the application performs like it’s supposed to and all user requirements are met. We make sure all the functional aspects of your application work seamlessly by testing its code to the core.

Unit Testing Icon

Unit Testing

In Unit Testing, all the individual components of a piece of software is tested at the code level to make sure each and every component works like it was coded to.

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Integration Testing

Sometimes, particular units of a software are integrated with other units to create modules or components that are designed to perform specific tasks or activities. The method of integration testing is used to ensure these integrations of an application behave as expected.

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System Testing

As the name suggests, system testing is the method of testing the system as a whole. The functionality of the software, under this step, is tested from start to finish before the application is pushed into production.

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Acceptance Testing

Being the last phase in functional testing, here the software is accessed for final delivery. Making sure that the product passes all the above mentioned tests and complies to the specified business criteria are some tasks under Acceptance Testing

2. Non-Functional Testing

While Functional testing deals with testing the functionality of a piece of software, non-functional testing on the other hand tests it’s operational capabilities. Accordingly, we will test your application for the following –

Performance Testing Icon


The goal of performance testing is to test a software’s behaviour, responsiveness and stability in different real user situations. Under this method, the application is put under high levels of stress to ensure if it would be able to handle major traffic spikes in real life.

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Every application collects and stores some amount of data. Security testing is done to a software to determine if it’s able to protect all the data and information it contains. The goal of this non-functional testing technique is to find loopholes that could result in unauthorized access or loss of valuable information.

Usability Testing Icon


Measuring the application’s ease of use from an end-user perspective is what Usability Testing is all about. Making sure that the application is intuitive to use and provides a good user experience is the essence of Usability Testing.

Compatibility Testing Icon


Compatibility Testing usually comes after everything’s been tested for. It is used to check if your application is fully compatible and works fine on different operating systems, browsers, platforms and resolution configurations.

Why choose us?

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Dedicated QA testers

Our dedicated software testers will check each and every code, unit, class and integrations to make sure your application works like you intended to.

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Quick delivery

We employ the most proficient manual testing techniques and the best automatic software testing tools like Selenium to make sure our delivery time is reduced to the maximum.

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Assured Quality

Rest assured as the bugs in your application won’t bug you anymore when it goes through our comprehensive testing process.

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