Automation Testing uses a specialized automation tool to execute tests, ensuring speed, quality, and simplification of the software. At Saffron Tech, our team of Testing Automation Services experts have an extensive pool of testing methodology. We outline which particular technique can be implemented to design test automation as per clients’ requirements, while optimizing their resources.

The process of automation testing involves using tools for entering data, generating results, comparing expected and actual results, and preparing an extensive test report. Scripted tests are scheduled in chronological order to get maximum ROI. It does not eradicate manual testing altogether but rather reduce it significantly.

Our Automation Testing Services are prepared to deliver continuous and exclusive automation testing from the available open-source and commercial automated testing tools that are best suited for your requirements.

Why Test Automation?

To be succinct, it’s less time-consuming and more cost-effective. It reduces the testing cycle time, increases test coverage, and can be scheduled at night without the need for human presence.

Testing can be automated from beginning to end, ensuring nothing is missed and the quality of the application is maintained with every upgrade.

The odds of human error are reduced as are any chances of rejection due to defect. The quality of test is assured with minimal risk, as it is not dependant on resources.

It also expedites the time to market as the stable parts of the application are automated and the opportunity cost can be efficiently utilized.

Why Saffron Tech?

Running of automated tests may reduce manual intervention, but to script these tests requires vast, in-depth knowledge. This is where Saffron Tech steps in. Our experience helps you identify the right tool to perform your automation testing, which will serve your objectives. Perhaps equally important, resources are not wasted because of a wrong decision.

We mitigate the risk associated with trial-and-error methods by guiding you to strategize and implement the right automation testing, which is extensible and well-scripted.

We have a dedicated team of experts to assist you at multiple levels of testing, beginning with tool selection and scope definition, to planning, designing, and development, and ultimately to test execution and maintenance.

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