Cloud-based testing is based on the concept of sharing. They work on virtual hardware and software that are movable and can be replicated between physical hardware for testing purposes. It helps companies focus on their main business rather than worry about infrastructure investment for testing. At Saffron Tech, we strive to give innovative cloud testing services by leveraging the cloud and giving quality testing service across various functionalities such as performance, compatibility, utility, etc.

In Cloud Testing, Application uses dynamically available dispensed resources on the cloud and simulates actual traffic and user experience in generated environments.

Benefits of Cloud Testing Services

Environment accessibility

The cloud is dynamic and easily accessible on-demand hence drastically reducing the time spent on procuring and installation of hardware and software to carry out tests.

Ensured security

Cloud Testing can be carried out on the private, public, or hybrid cloud. Depending on the amount of confidentiality needed, the type of cloud can opt for different tests. Also, recovery of data is swift and easy in case of any disaster from the cloud.


Since it is a readily available common resource depending on the requirement at various levels, the cloud can be upscaled or toned down.

Cost Efficiency

The capital expenditure for the company is drastically reduced as it does not need to invest in hardware or software for this purpose. It lowers the total cost of ownership.

Why Choose Us?

Our expertise in hosting testing applications in the cloud is done with a motive to reduce cost, increase agility and flexibility.

Our seasoned testers have immense knowledge and experience to handle the threats which come with Cloud Testing. Issues of security, integration, performance, and privacy are kept in mind while devising the enterprise strategy for Cloud Testing.

We have a team of dedicated experts who are constantly exploring the arena of Cloud Testing and we integrate the knowledge and developments with our customers.

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