Compliance testing, conformance testing, regulation testing, or standard testing is the name of the same type of testing technique. It is a nonfunctional testing solution whose aim is to endorse if the application developed is as per the standard laid down by the organization.

We at Saffron Tech, comply with all standards laid down by us as well as the industry we operate in and pass on the same advice to our clients. We understand the importance of compliances and the negative impact of non-adherence which may lead to legal complications.

It is an audit of your application across various compliance standards to ensure that your application /product is free from all compliance disturbances.

Importance of Compliance Testing

Non-adherence to compliances of industries or countries may invite grave repercussions.
It ensures the smooth functioning of any business without worrying about lawsuits or fines. Compliance Testing is to verify that all stages of product development are as per the standards prescribed.

It makes certain that the outcomes at each development phase are as per the standards, methodology, and guidelines.

It assesses and verifies that the whole process is documented in absoluteness and is coherent.

Why choose us?

We have the expertise, experience, and efficiency to carry out these tests for you.

Our team of testers is thorough and regularly updates themselves with the compliance standards of the industry and are also eager to understand product-specific compliance standards laid by you internally.

We also assist in the understanding of regulated standards as per industry-specific governing bodies by you which helps us to work in concurrence.

We help you determine and document compliance standards and procedures for your whole product development life cycle. Inspection is carried out as per the standards and gaps in compliance are identified and corrected.

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