It is done to ensure that the application front end is up to mark

A User Interface Testing (UI testing) also known as GUI (Graphical User Interface) is basically checking the design of the application. The success of any application which has a User interface depends on its interaction with the user, the experience of the user while ingression of features, and its functional behavior. Our UI testing services at Saffron Tech are designed to test the functionality, behavior, and efficacy of the User Interface. We diligently do this testing to make sure that the end-user of the application has the best experience without any faults and hiccups. It is done to ensure that the application front end is up to mark with Windows compliance standards in terms of check graphics, menus, buttons, etc. This is an Aesthetic check post of the application.

Types of UI Testing


Different types of tools and technology are used for designing and building the total automated test for UI and cover scheduling, running, and inspecting the results. Selenium, Jasper JS, Jenkins, MS Coded UI are some of the automation tools and frameworks which are used.


Experts testers have the art to find out the hidden bugs due to their seasoning by experience. At each level of UI be it unit, integrated the tests are carried out with precision. The process is carried out in a developed testing environment and involves charting the flow and reporting.

Web Interface Testing

This UI testing is necessary to check for consistency across the web across various browsers. With best practices as benchmarks, various web interfaces are tested under different conditions.

Mobile Interface Testing

UI testing is carried over numerous mobiles and tablets to ensure the end-user experience is exceptional and sets standards for others to follow. Right from the ancient hand devices to the latest prototypes, UI testing is carried out to locate the hidden bugs.

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