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Mobile User Interface Testing Services

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Why go for User Interface testing services?

Let’s face it, if your mobile app has a lot of bugs and faces some serious issues with its functioning, your end users most probably won’t appreciate it. User Interface Testing services or GUI (Graphical User Interface) testing services are specifically designed and implemented to detect and weed out all the bugs there are in an app before it’s official release to deliver a smoother experience to your end users.

User Interface testing services tests the functionality, performance and effectiveness of the User Interface of an app. And at Saffron Tech, we will thoroughly check each and every element of your mobile app and make sure that it has a flawless user interface that delivers a truly seamless experience so that you get the best out of your efforts.

Mobile User Interface Testing Services We Provide

Both automated and manual user interface testing methods are used in harmony to thoroughly test the user interface of an app, improve app quality and marginally increase it’s usability.

Automated UI/UX Testing

To quickly test the performance of your app under different conditions, automated coded UI tests are developed and deployed by our developers using advanced User Interface testing tools like Selenium Grid and Jasper JS.

Manual UI/UX Testing

Our team of expert manual testers will literally check each and every button, form and element of your mobile app and will sniff out the most difficult of interface bugs.

Our Process

Unit Testing

At this level, the basic code of your mobile app is tested. We make sure that the code of your app works correctly by testing it’s certain elements: mainly classes, functions and interfaces.

Integration Testing

Mobile applications mostly misbehave where particular units are integrated with each other. We aim to test the behaviour and functionality of your app after each individual unit integration at this level.

System Testing

In System Testing, all the components of your app are tested as a whole system to ensure that it passes all the design standards and conforms to the specified requirements.

Acceptance Testing

At this level, we make sure that your app complies with the specified user requirements and is ready for final release

Why choose us?

Assured Quality

We check for short comings everywhere: back-end, front-end, performance, usability, design, user interface and security.

Fully Responsive

Your mobile app will work like a charm after we are done testing with it. Our testers make sure that all the bugs in your app are found and taken care of.

Latest Testing Tools

At Saffron Tech, we make use of the latest testing tools in the industry. Selenium Grid, Jasper JS and Jenkins are some of the state-of-art testing tools we use.

Timely Delivery

By employing the latest tools and best practices, we make sure that your mobile app is ready to be used by your customers before it’s release date.

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