Saffron Tech has a wide range of Accessibility Testing Services to cater to your accessibility requirements in various fields of operation and systems. These tests can be conducted on your websites, mobile applications, etc., to behold inaccessibility and provide solutions for their correction.

The social responsibility of companies makes it inherent for them to make their applications/products disabled-friendly. As an obligation to society, it is imperative for organizations to ensure that individuals with impairment of vision, cognition, physical, learning, or hearing can access and use its product /application.

Importance of Accessibility Testing

Along with societal responsibility, Accessibility Testing improves the brand image and recognizes your company as someone who respects others’ disabilities.
With an increase in market opportunity, more business is generated with an increase in happy users.

From the point of view of people with disabilities, testing gives cognizance of their experience of the product. It sets standards to be followed within the organization to make it more accessible.

Accessibility audit and gap analysis can be done right from designing, development, user research, end-user experience, etc., to ensure all barriers of accessibility are removed.

Why Saffron Tech?

Our team of experts has required knowledge regarding the accessibility requirements set by Section 508, WCAG 2.0, W3C, ADA compliance services, etc., and can help you make your application /system accessibility compliant.

We evaluate the level of compliance of accessibility in your organization and prioritize the areas that need immediate addressing and solutions for the same.

We offer our support throughout the product life cycle to ensure accessibility by differently able individuals to existing and emerging technologies most effectively and efficiently.

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