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Performance and Stress Testing

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With the constant upgrade of technology and its dynamic expansion, software performance testing has become much essential to evaluate the ability to deal with workload.

Saffron Tech understands it is critical to measure scalability, dependability and resource utilization -the qualitative features of the system under abnormal stress environments which is over and above their normal capacity .

This is where you can use our services to carry performance and stress testing to ensure flawless performance by your product with the aptness to handle volumes and stress.

Benefits of Performance and Stress Testing

The 4 S of performance in terms of speed, scalability, stability and surety are tested with an aim to optimize the responsiveness of the product.

Performance testing is done with an aim to make the product capable of handling peak load in terms of traffic, perform effectively with lower bandwidth without having a negative impact on the battery life.

Performance testing has a number of aspects.

Load testing tests the performance of system at different load levels. It also checks the loads on server, database etc.

Stress testing benchmarks the upper limit of volume handling of the system.

Endurance testing evaluates the performance under continuous use.

Spike testing to check if system is prepared to handle substantial changes.

Configuration testing evaluates the response at times of different load balancing introduced in the system.

Why Saffron Tech?

We carry out extensive investigation of the client’s product by analyzing the performance testing need, planning and developing test codes, conducting the tests, evaluating and giving feedback.

Due to our colossal experience we are able to identify the tiniest of bugs hampering your systems performance. Our testers are qualified to test the performance of Web, Desktop or Mobile Applications.

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