At Saffron Tech, we know that the mere functionality of the mobile does not show the real worth of the app but the mobile app must be able to generate a great experience for the end-user and a solution for some problem. Hence, we suggest effective mobile emulator testing services make your mobile app work as it is required.

With the significant presence of mobile devices everywhere it is much essential to be present in the mobile world. The presence on the mobile platform is the new normal and nothing exclusive. Testing is done both on real-world devices and emulators/simulators to ensure the best standards and uniform good quality.

Importance of Mobile Emulators Testing

Along with functionality and usability, mobile testing is done to verify the compatibility of the app with various other platforms and sometimes with other mobile apps also. With the significant rise in purchases via mobile app, software quality assurance has to be uncompromised, and rigorous mobile testing is essential. Mobile testing covers various aspects of the mobile app ranging from performance, user experience, Operating Software fragmentation, device capabilities, processing ability, etc. Due to the vast number of network operators with different technologies and a huge number of mobile devices and operating platforms, mobile testing is a challenging task. A blend of testing on real devices and emulators is performed to meet the requirements.

The test is carried out to endorse content and context along with user security. Emulators are used during the initial phase of development, for debugging while coding as these virtual test tools are more cost-effective compared to real devices. Mobile testing covers a lot of parameters like functional tests to check if desired requirements are met, lab tests to endorse data connectivity, performance tests to check performance in different scenarios like low battery or poor connectivity, interrupt tests to check capability to rise above interruptions, usability tests for good user experience, installation test, and certification tests to check compliance of standards laid down by mobile platforms.

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At Saffron Tech, we offer an optimum combination of testing on both actual devices as well as emulators. Due to a melange of available mobile handsets and platforms, and the number of network connectivity choices, we realize the importance of strategizing and planning when to use real-world devices or mobile emulators testing in manual or automated mode to avoid cost overruns and reduce time to market of your mobile application

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