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More than 60% of your users will choose your competitors instead if your mobile app or mobile web app is laden with bugs and irregularities. Don’t put your reputation on the line by putting a subpar app on the market! Test its limits extensively and fix unwanted bugs with the help of our expert mobile app testing services.

In general, there are 2 types of Mobiles Apps

Native Apps

These kinds of apps are created specifically for one platform, aka operating system. They can take full advantage of all the device features such as the camera, microphone, contact list, accelerometer, or compass, and are installed via an app store (Google Play, Apple’s App Store, Microsoft Store, etc.).

Hybrid Apps

These are a mix of native apps and web apps. Like native apps, they are installed via app stores and can utilize the numerous features available on the device. Just like web apps, they rely on HTML being rendered in a web browser.

Our Mobile Testing Services

Functional Testing

Proper overall functionality of your mobile app or mobile web app is paramount to retaining users. Our mobile testers will evaluate every back-end unit, integration, and function to make sure your app works like it’s supposed to.

Usability Testing

Our UX experts will make sure your app is easy to use and has a simple navigational flow that doesn’t create any kind of friction with your target audience. Providing a positive user experience is at the crux of mobile apps.

Performance Testing/Load Testing

There will be times when your mobile app will go through lot a stress because of increased traffic, weak server signal, or a host of other factors. In Performance Testing, we test the absolute limits of your mobile app to weed out weaknesses that are stopping it from performing optimally in stressful situations.

Compatibility Testing

Ideally, your users should be able to access your app from any device. It’s up to you to provide them with a good UX, regardless of which device they choose to access your mobile app from. Compatibility testing takes care of this and more.

Compliance Testing

Our experienced QA testers will make sure your app complies with all the internal and external industry benchmarks. External benchmarks may include compliance with iOS and Android store guidelines, as well as regulations like HIPAA and other industry-specific standards.

Penetration Testing

Mobile apps are vulnerable to hacks and it’s always best to be prepared. In Penetration Testing, our security testers will simulate a hacking attack on your app to bring to light any loopholes and flaws, and patch them on the spot.

UI/UX Testing

Mobile User Interface Testing is performed for user interactions within a single application, which helps ensure users do not encounter unexpected results or have a poor experience when interacting with your app. It is important to have a good look and feel that would attract consumers to consistently use the application.

Mobile Testing Automation

We also provide testing automation services for all our functional and non-functional mobile app testing services. If you are short on time, we can fully automate the entire testing process seamlessly with the help of industry-leading tools like Selenium & Apium.

Our Approach

Prioritizing Project Requirements

Ascertaining the project requirements and expectations always comes first in our mobile testing process. Once we know the benchmarks on which we have to base our test processes, it becomes easier to measure the performance of your app.

Process Planning & Building Test Cases

Here we choose the devices your app will be tested on and develop a blueprint of the entire process. Once the process is finalized, we move on to drafting test suites and test cases. All test cases are executed once all shortcomings are resolved by the mobile testers.

Analyzing Results

Full ad hoc information and testing reports are provided after all the test cases are deployed. Shortcomings or loopholes are highlighted and further recommendations are made to fix discrepancies in this step.

Why us?

Timely Deliverability

With our 10+ years of experience in the industry, our mobile testers are well-versed in all the manual and automatic testing techniques out there and can utilize them efficiently, saving you time and hassle.

Uncompromising Quality

Our team of QA testers, UX specialists, and mobile testers leave no stone unturned to make sure your app shines with quality on every page.

Experienced Testers

Rest assured that when you join us, you’ll be working with an expert team of experienced mobile testers ready to take your mobile app functionality to the next level.


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