More than a decade of experience has bolstered Saffron Tech precedence in providing a unique and exceptional web application at a pocket-friendly price. We offer a complete web application development service that begins right from scratch and goes till maintenance. Through our web application development services, we help our clients in enhancing their workflow and boosting their growth without breaking the bank.

Web Application Development Journey & Lifecycle

Consulting Along With Research And

Our specialized team analyzes the current situation of your business and goes through your specific needs in order to minimize market and technical risks during the web application development. In this stage, we choose the best technology, confirm the concept, and work on the latest business models.

Front End

This stage marks the beginning of front end development that includes the use of exceptional animations, seamless and user-friendly UI matching, and adopting a design that provides consistent user-experience throughout the web application.

Back End

We choose the best web applications developers and designers for your project, and they start building the foundation pillars of your web application. We use advanced data structure, latest security features, and make the app in such a way that it easily integrates with other apps.

Automate And Manual

We never miss to include QA experts in our project, and our QA experts allow us to boost the speed of making the features available. In addition to this, they also help in making sure that the web application that we develop runs smoothly on all different types of browsers and screens.

Our Web Application Development Service Offerings

Web Portal Development

We will develop engaging, customer-focused, seamless, and user-friendly web portals for your company. The web portals developed by us will include all the necessary features that you will need.

Custom Web Development

It doesn’t matter how unique your needs are or which type of industry you are in, we will develop a tailor-made web application that will fulfill all your industry-specific needs.

E-Commerce Development

Our team of developers and designers are well versed in designing a responsive and world-class e-Commerce web application for your business. Harness our long years of experience in e-Commerce development.

CMS Development

We will build a CMS web application for your business that will give you the best of both the worlds; user-friendly and technically complex. We have CMS expert developers in our team.

Enterprise Web Development

Whether you are looking for a B2B enterprise web application system or a B2C enterprise web application system, we encompass all.

Maintenance And Support

For improving the performance of your web application, we provide world-class maintenance and support services.

Most Common Frameworks Used for Web Applications


A general-purpose programming language that emphasizes on code reliability. It allows you to work quickly.


An open-source scripting language that can be embedded into HTML, and it is mostly used for web application development.


A software framework that has been developed by Microsoft, and it runs only on Microsoft Windows.

Angular Js

An open-source web framework that is based on JavaScript. Mainly maintained by Google, along with a group of individuals and corporations.

React Js

Mainly, a JavaScript library that is used for making the user interface. It is maintained by a group of individuals and communities along with Facebook.


It is a PHP based, an open-source web framework that comes along with elegant and expressive syntax.


One of the most popular CMS that powers almost 59% of the websites active on the digital platform.

Trends In Web Application Architecture

Just like any other technology, new trends keep emerging in the web application world as well. In the upcoming years, JavaScript will become stronger in the market as it is being voted as the most admired programming language for more than six years. In addition to this, serverless will soon become the order of the day, and the most preferred way of users for scaling up their needs. Even the adoption of innovative and revolutionary technologies like Typescript and GraphQL will increase. Along with this, AI and Machine learning will also bring big changes in the web application development world.

What Makes Our Web Application Development So Effective?

We always focus on building functional, easy to use, and advanced web application for our client since we use a client-centric approach. This approach allows us to stay effective throughout the web application development lifecycle. Under the client-centric approach, we always keep the specific industry and business needs of our clients in mind, and that’s why we provide tailor-made web application development services. We also keep our clients in loop so that they can participate at each stage of the development cycle and keep tabs on the progress of the project.

Leverage Our Web App Development Expertise

We have more than a decade of experience in web application development, and this allows us to offer exceptional and feature-rich web applications for our clients. Even our developers have long years of experience in different types of web development services. Our long years of experience, along with our long list of exceptional and diverse projects, have made us one of the most admired web application development companies. Harness our experience and expertise to build a world-class web application for your business.

Web Application Testing For Quality Assurance

We believe in delivering impeccable web applications to our clients, and this is why we pass every web application through the testing process. We have a dedicated testing team that is comprised of experienced and skilled developers. Through our testing process, we can identify and resolve bugs and errors in the web application and fix them before moving it up in the launching stage. Our testing is highly detailed, and we look at every aspect of the web application.

Why Hire us for Web App Development?


We use the frameworks and tools to build an exceptional web application for our clients. We let our team research on the latest trends and use them for clients as soon as possible.


With more than a decade of experience in the web application development industry, we have been able to carve out a niche in web application development.

Complete Service

We offer a complete web application development service. Right from scratch till maintenance and update, we offer a complete package of web application development.

Pocket Friendly

We have kept out prices pocket-friendly so that our clients don’t have to burn a hole in their pocket for getting a world-class web application for their business.


Yes, Saffron Tech makes sure that your business is given the utmost attention by assigning dedicated team pf project developers who will be at your beck and call right from the starting of the project till its maintenance.

This depends on several factors such as your business’s needs and requirements, your budget and the time taken in developing the application.

Saffron Tech believes in transparency. The cost of the entire project, depending upon the requirements, will be shared with you prior to signing the papers so as not to keep you in the dark.

Yes, we will inform you of every process so that you know the development phase and get answers to queries promptly, if any.

From retail to manufacturing, hospitality, to e-commerce, regardless of which industry you are operating in, we guarantee creating a robust application for enriched user experience and maximum profitability.

We do not believe in one size fits all approach. Depending on your business, its scale, requirements and demand, our developers will analyze and strategize a customize solution to develop an app that is aligned with your business’s objective and seres the purpose of achieving maximum return on investment.

Yes, our maintenance and support team is available round the clock for all your app-related queries.

Our developers are competent and always bring their A-game when it comes to using the latest tools and technology. You can trust our Android developers in building an app that brings your profit.

Our apps will run smoothly across all leading platforms. Our dedicated team of developers will make sure that it is fast, data-efficient yet light so that it doesn’t ruin the user’s experience

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