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Ecommerce Portal

Saffron Tech offers effective e-commerce module development, web design, and plug-in solutions, regardless of business size. Our talented and experienced professionals are dedicated to delivering prolific results. We focus on creating customized e-commerce portals to effectively promote your brand along with online sales.

Our comprehensive solutions are impeccably combined with your business requirements. We believe in providing consistent and efficient solutions in a timely manner.

Our Strategy to build a dynamic E-commerce platform

Drive Sales

We design responsive e-commerce websites to increase your conversion rates on all types of devices.

Fast Checkout Process

We utilize advanced technology to create an easy and quick checkout process.

Manage and Scale your Content

Our well-designed content management system allows you to update categories, pages, articles, and products with ease.

Robust Product Features

Our experts can meet all your unique requirements, be it a basic product or a whole set of custom product functionalities.

Powerful Marketing Suite

We develop a website to provide you a suite of powerful marketing tools, ranging from advanced SEO processes to running promotions.

Services we offer

Custom eCommerce Website Design

We offer customized business websites with advanced frameworks to fulfill your business requirements and objectives.

eCommerce Application Development

We build applications that are mobile-centric and support the e-commerce model. Make it easy to purchase from your site from a mobile device!

ECommerce Cart Development

Our skilled developers will make your shopping cart feature interactive and easy to use to enhance your business’ productivity.

Responsive Shopping Website

Enhance your customer base by making your shopping portal accessible through varied platforms such as smartphone or tablet.

Module and Plug-in Development

We develop high-end and plug-in modules to improve and optimize the functionality of e-commerce websites and applications.

Web Development and Customization

Our dedicated team upgrades applications and websites to stay in touch with the trending aspects of web development and to deliver effective solutions to you and your customers.

Payment Gateway Integration

Our experts streamline the payment process by integrating the various e-commerce frameworks with our meticulously crafted payment gateway system.

Maintenance and Support

Our customer support team is well-trained and continually educated in order to address your business requirements.

Shopping Cart Development

Our brilliantly designed shopping cart can effectively operate on varied platforms and utilizes business-centric features.

Mobile App for eCommerce Website

Saffron Tech creates SEO-friendly e-commerce mobile websites and Android and iOS apps. Our mobile website and apps are also optimized for tablets and are synchronized with your choice of digital distribution platform.

  • Powerful mobile marketing features.
  • Effortless access to mobile data.
  • Efficient cart management and quick ordering capabilities.
  • Easy navigation and checkout processes.
  • Customized features from desktop to mobile app.
  • Secure payment methods and user control.

eCommerce Open Source Products

We have dedicated employees to build and support your e-commerce website on open-source platforms such as:


Latest work

Big, small, online, offline, local or international. Size doesn’t matter. We work on diverse projects for top brands as well as for cool startups.

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