What is Magento?

Magento is a rich and professional open source e-commerce solution that offers online merchants complete flexibility and control over the look, content, and functionality of their online stores. It provides a broad range of e-commerce services such as development, design, hosting, testing, customization, support, and maintenance.

Magento is a deal for B2B and B2C industry and also for people seeking PHP-based open-source solutions. You can achieve your online business goals by leveraging the maximum power of Magento and by customizing your online store with your specific business needs and requirements.

Magento provides powerful e-marketing, search engine optimization, and catalog-management tools. Powerful tools and customizable options make Magento a fully-integrated online shop featuring flexible product display options, multiple transaction options, multi-stores, advanced user accounts, and many more preferable choice for e-commerce development. This open-source platform can allow shops few products and quickly expand to ten thousand products and complex custom behavior without changing platforms.

Magento offers a variety of plug-ins and themes which can easily enhance a customer’s experience. A lot of aspects need to configure in online stores, depending on the business need. Magento application can be operated by anyone who is not a developer.

What do the Magento Developments and Magento Developers do?

Magento provides web developers with a stepping stone in creating eCommerce websites that allow you to sell products, services, or downloadable content to customers. It offers ready customization of product catalog, shopping cart, and checkout core features rather than building it for an e-commerce website. Magento development provides a vast range of skills and tasks, starting from installing and configuring your store to building themes and developing custom features for your website.

Mostly Magento developer works to build, support, and improve Magento websites. Designing and building a Magento website requires a team of Magento developers, web designers, and others to fulfill the necessary skills. In simple words, Magneto developer is a web developer who is skilled in the Magento platform. Magento developer work as a freelancer. They can be roughly split into two separate skill sets themselves as frontend and backend Magento developers.

Frontend Magento developers build themes and work to replicate the design provided from web developers, also ensure your website looks great and is responsive so that it works effectively on smartphones and tablet devices. Backend Magento developers focus on building features for your website via existing Magento extension or bespoke code.

The Magento community is large and helpful in building online stores. It is a very robust system; once you integrate with other systems or introduce thousands of products, then your business needs experienced developers. The task of Magento developer includes installing, configuring, building themes, optimizing Magento stores, testing payment gateways, integrating other business systems into Magento, and perform search engine optimization for Magento websites.

Benefits of using Magento

  • Easy to install and add additional layouts and plug-ins into Magento websites.
  • Magento open source technology offers flexible, scalable e-commerce solutions.
  • Effective and cost-sensitive program for online store
  • Allows customized checkouts, shopping cart, and product catalog
  • It provides more than 50 payment gateways.

Trends to watch in 2020

Since 2007, Magento is one of the most popular e-commerce platforms over the years for enterprise brands. Currently, 230,000 live stores are running on Magento with the platform used by the top million websites with traffic on the internet.

There are several different types of online e-commerce platforms; Magento is a preferred and trusted choice for many business owners and web developers because it comes with a lot of advanced features and functionality.

The following list discusses trends in Magento development in 2020 and how it helps your business growth drastically.

Include AI and Chatbots

Artificial Intelligence is becoming popular and widely used across many different platforms and services. AI and chatbots increase the growth of many e-commerce based business. This technology not only collecting valuable information about their customers, but they also save money and time with the aid of automation.

Chatbots are implemented and practiced by all web development companies. In online stores, a small pop-up appears to the right bottom side of the screen, asking to chat. These little pop-up dialogue boxes are Chatbots. Chatbot development services are booming globally. They reduced the costs to host customer care executives round the clock. This chatbots technology has been used full-fledged by e-commerce Amazon and expected its demand in the year 2020.

AI allows business brands to collect information about their main target and helps in delivering a personalized shopping experience to each customer. This technology has drastically increased the growth of the e-commerce sectors.

Personalized Experiences

Modern generation customers expect personalization like discounts, sales, and coupons while shopping in online stores.

E-commerce is a highly competitive field; you need to focus on delivering unique personalized shopping experience to the end-users. Magento eCommerce stores can create specific discounts and coupons to pull the attention of a lot of customers. By using AI and machine learning techniques can help you determine what ads and campaigns are working best and what is your ideal customer.

An example of a more personalized shopping experience could be sending emails, SMS notifications, or calling to customers based on their shopping trends. Magento web developers can integrate machine learning and AI in the backend of your online websites to track, monitor, and then create customized promotions for all the customers that are visiting your sites.

Smarter and the Intelligent way for Organic Searches

Are you eagerly waiting for organic searches knock at your door in the year 2020? Intelligent auto-search, smart breadcrumbs, and multiple filter options are the vital components expected to be employed.

You cannot sit back and wait for business sales. You will have to make sure your page gets a higher rank in Google and other search engines. By providing a smart search feature, help your customers find what they are looking for. In 2020, intelligent search features dominate e-commerce websites.

If you are new into the pool of eCommerce market or already into it, you have to think about every possible way to make the user navigation smarter. E-commerce business depends on the customer’s experience. Think, in their perspective, will increase customer engagement, and it escalated sales. Organic search is one of the top charts for 2020, and drives high customer engagement, affects sales.

High-quality Images with Good Cache Content

No matter how wonderful and beautiful your website, you cannot generate results without good content and high-quality product images. It is essential to create user-centric content to increase your customer and conservation rate.

You can hire a highly professional and skilled photographer to click images of products from different angles, to help the customers understand precisely what color and how it looks likes. To increase your online sales, you can upload high-quality videos of your products.

Responsive Micro-interactions

Micro-interactions provide the excellent experience to the users. The experience and feel of interacting with a human help the audience feel more connected and unique. By greeting them on several occasions or solely on their regular visit brings a considerable difference in sales. By adopting this micro-interaction technique charms the customers and engages them as much as possible. Acknowledging and welcoming your customers on every visit welcomes a lot of conservation and increases their engagement and product sales.

Parallax Scrolling

Parallax scrolling can make your website more attractive and user-friendly. This trend will take over the major part of Magento development services. This trend is required for a clear view of your product that it will expand in the long run. We are more concerned about customer experience, and scrolling plays an essential factor in user attraction.

Scrolling refers to the website layouts that display the web pages’ background at a slower than the foreground. It creates a 3D effect as users scroll the website. In 2020, e-commerce websites are going to be implemented with a great fabulous scrolling experience.

Social Selling

Social selling is one of the most popular Magento e-commerce trends and increased rapidly in 2019. Many top eCommerce companies are using social media platforms to sell their products quickly. You can also advertise and promote your products on social media like Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, etc. to earn more revenues for your e-commerce business.

Push Notifications

Push notifications can exponentially increase the sales of a company. Certified Magento developers will implement this trend into your online eCommerce stores, allows you to control when and how frequent these push notifications show up while a customer is visiting your website.

Pop-ups and push notifications are making way for businesses to reach their customers at a more significant level. By this trend, you can send personalized messages to a specific group of customers and potential clients. Push notifications are a hot topic these days that track the user’s activities and send alerts to the urge to buy products.

Voice Input Technologies

Voice input technology becomes popular new voice input technologies like Siri, Alexa, Google Assistant. Voice searches are one of the latest trends and are expected to flourish in future years.

The ‘live’ factor

Magento development companies found this trend is essential ever since Facebook and Instagram are updated with the “going live” feature. Adding live videos to your eCommerce website gains a lot of attention, engagement, and fame. There is possible to redirect your user directly from the social media page to your websites, leads to skyrocketing sales.

For your exponentially business growth, reach out to our best Magento developers at Saffron tech to get a personalized report about the additional features and trends that can be included in your e-commerce business online.

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