Responding to people’s comments and reviews is a great way to connect with the consumer and understand what people want.

The e-commerce business globally is one of the fastest-growing industries. Its revenues are touted to have touched $3 billion, and there seems to be no slowing down in growth. As someone who owns a business, the time is perfect to take your business online and benefit from the e-commerce platforms.

And it is simple too. All you need is an e-commerce platform to sell the products you create, and you can hugely increase your sales. A portal online would allow you to reach people in the remotest of regions, and find new target audiences. With the emergence of eCommerce portal development services, now you can focus all your efforts on making a better product. Outsourcing eCommerce web application development to experienced teams at Saffron Tech would ensure that your e-commerce portal fits your requirements perfectly. Our experts follow up-to-date industry best practices and give you the perfect portal.

Customize your website, your way

Before you go for website development, make sure pen down the requirements you have to formulate a better strategy for your business. You can customize your e-commerce website in several ways, like-

Guest checkout

Heard of this before? This enables a customer to not necessarily create an account on an e-commerce portal and checkout with only the essential details. While it seems like a small tweak, it leads to at least 1 in 5 people migrate away from your website. Professional eCommerce portal development services ensure that your domain is up to these standards and that you enjoy a high conversion rate. Our best practices would make sure that no shopping carts are left abandoned and all customers complete the checkout and order. Even though with the rise of social media, customers can sign in with their Google or Facebook accounts, guest checkout still remains an attractive option for many shoppers.

Customer support

As everything is literally now available on people’s fingertips, it is not a good idea to keep your customers waiting to get to the customer care. Live chat support at the least is an absolute must and is one that would distinguish you from your competitors. Most of the time, the customers’ queries would be easily handled by simple chatbots (or you can publish some FAQs). A simple and quick resolution would mean that you have saved yourself from a big loop, which could consume individual time and effort.

Video demos

While all the products added on your portal can be assisted with great pictures and text, it would not be enough to set you apart. What would be truly helpful to the customer would be a video demonstration. Product videos are a great way to upsell your products as most people prefer to watch videos, over reading long descriptions. Through videos, you also broaden your appeal to a bigger mass of people. Videos are easily understandable and rope in a favourable perception of products. This would make sure that your business sales increase dramatically, in the medium run. 

Digital payments

Even though you would have integrated some form of prepaid payment options during checkout, diversification is the key here. The more payment options you have, the better. This also becomes an important criterion when you have a large audience. For example, if you sell in more than one country, then this is a must for you. Other than PayPal, you can explore options in international credit cards, payment solutions offered by Apple and Google, and so on. Experienced eCommerce portal development services like ours would ensure that we lay out the options for you, and go for the best-fit choice.

Feedback and testimonials

As vital as all the above-mentioned tips are, it is most important to remember to seek honest feedback from the customers. And this practice has to be taken seriously. Responding to people’s comments and reviews is a great way to connect with the consumer and understand what people want. Similarly, it is also important to list testimonials on your websites from happy customers. This would give the newer viewers a good positive boost and go a long way into establishing a good image for your business. Clearly and strategically placed testimonials would help form an overall favourable perception of your brand. Testimonials are great customization because they play the role of a guide to the sceptical user. Remember, people have several options online, they should know what is unique about you to choose your product.

Make it your own

If you do not have an e-commerce website for your business, start working on the plan today. This is because businesses are still only in the initial phase of understanding the potential of going digital, you have a chance to get ahead. When you go for eCommerce web application development, it is of utmost importance to hire a good developer. This could be the make or break part of the process because without a good website the entire effort would be in vain. 

DIY or Outsource?

Having a team of web developers and designers working continuously in-house can be rather cumbersome. It would drain your financial resources, as well as time and effort to find people who share in your values. When compared to outsourcing, undertaking the venture yourself does not make sense. It is always better to outsource and get professional help. We at Saffron Tech have been working in the domain for over a decade now, and have a dedicated team of experienced individuals on board. Because we deal with eCommerce web development on a daily basis, we have kept ourselves updated with all the latest and upcoming trends and aim to maximize our client sales. We understand that each business is different and so we adapt, to solve different problems differently.

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