Websites don’t look as they did in the 90s. The minimal HTML page aesthetic has long been improved upon.

Growth in the digital space is rapid. Every update that Apple brings to its UI, for example, is scrutinized and analyzed with such detail that the entire world is filled with the news, such as adding a new UI feature to the latest version of the iPhone.

The hard reality of the digital world is that if you do not keep up, you may be left behind.

Before you know it, you may notice that every other blog is following a certain trend that you only just know about. You could maybe notice a few old trends coming back. Isn’t digital space similar to fashion in that sense? However, the most important thing that defines all of this change is user experience.

Change that impacts the user experience negatively is objectively bad, and change that enhances the user experience is good.

All digital business revolves around this principle. And so, to honor this commitment to always change for the better, today we bring you a special ensemble of trends and give our opinions on them. Are they good trends or bad? Are they here to stay or something that people will move away from in a short while?

Block Themes

Here is one of the simplest options you can take to upgrade the look and feel of your website: block themes.

When you use a block theme, you essentially interpret your website as a sum of individual blocks. The entire website can be created by editing different templates that can become a “block” that builds up the website.

Simplicity is not the only advantage of block themes. These include faster and easier editing, simpler coding, and taking advantage of built-in SEO in some cases.

Moreover, block-themed websites have a very contemporary visual appeal. When users come across such websites, they appreciate the streamlined and uniform visual presentation. These websites can also provide a consistent visual theme. This consistency also extends to coding – developers will find the uniform structure of the website better for their work.

Voice Search

Talking about the direction that websites are heading in the modern world – it’s immersiveness.

The focus of the modern digital world is on things such as the Metaverse. The intent of modern companies is to make websites that do not just engage the eyes and the ears but also create an interactive experience. Speech recognition is one such way of making an interactive website.

You must focus on making a website that is interactive and also very responsive.

A great voice search can set your website apart from the standard. It also gives your website a favorable impression. Since voice search is also an accessibility feature, it helps improve your relationship with your website users or customers. Greater customer relationships are the key to building a strong business.

It is also an effective tool that does not affect the performance of your website.

Headless WordPress

One of the stronger trends is the use of headless CMS. In fact, most websites are already on board with this trend as it helps solve content problems.

There are several advantages of using Headless WordPress. Firstly, you can manage the front end in a more streamlined manner by accessing it as a standalone application. With headless WordPress, there are many advantages, including:

  • improving the performance as well as security of the website

  • amazing responsiveness, which is crucial in the modern era

A website that is unresponsive is highly likely to lose its users. Hence, this is a great method for modern businesses to build a solid website.


WooCommerce is a highly downloaded plugin that most websites use. Here are some of the features you can gain with WooCommerce:

  • You can implement this plugin for free and immediately

  • Implementing WooCommerce across your website is extremely simple and easy

  • There is a high amount of flexibility and customization that WooCommerce provides, meaning you can apply it in a very specific way

WooCommerce is a plugin that provides you with a lot of features, and you may be missing out on a great tool if you are not already implementing it in 2023. Here are some of the great features that it provides:

  • It can help you set up your own store

  • It helps with security

  • It provides a lot of features that will look very attractive to the user

  • It makes the checkout process smoother for the user

If your website is an ecommerce website, WooCommerce is an amazing tool that you should surely try.


Chatbot technology has come a long way, and it has become better in 2023.

Implementing a chatbot is a great way of not just making the website very intractable but also making it user-friendly. It is an instant way of providing customer service that does not require a person to focus manually. Fast customer service is one of the best ways of creating a good company experience in front of a customer.

Delay can lead to a consumer leaving the website and not purchasing your product.

Chatbots are one of the best ways of reducing this delay. Modern chatbots can help you create a supreme customer service experience as well as create a great brand experience. They can also have accessibility features when they have voice-related features.


AI has come a long way. In fact, chatbots implement AI and are becoming widely popular right now.

However, chatbots are not the only way that AI can be implemented in WordPress.

  • Recommendation engines

  • Translation

  • Image Recognition

  • Content Creation

  • Code Helpers

AI is a quickly developing frontier in the digital world, and hence cashing in on this developing trend can help businesses create an outstanding website.


Do you want to step into the technology that sets a website out immediately?

You could create a VR-optimized homepage. It could rotate and show the different features of your website in a VR-synchronized motion, and this could help you create an immaculate brand experience. It also puts your brand across as a future-ready brand.

This will help your clients place more trust in your brand!

So, today we shared with you some WordPress trends that are easy to implement and will help your website immediately, and some that are at the forefront of digital development and hence very hard to implement. However, there is always room to try new things and create an immaculate brand experience via your website.

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