The continually expanding market of cost-effective smartphones, along with the increasing internet penetration and content consumption through mobile devices, has spurred the demand and growth of mobile app development.

This increasing dependency on smartphones has left developers in a dilemma as to which development approach should they move ahead with.

We would say go for native mobile app development.


In this blog post, we are going to cover the concerning what and the why of the native mobile app development.

What is a native mobile app development?

An app that is developed for a particular mobile operating system in a specific programming language is a native mobile application. Native apps for iOS are developed with Objective C or Swift, Windows with C#, and Android with Java or Kotlin.

Installed directly onto the devices, users can access these applications through dedicated online application stores such as Google Play or the App Store. Camera, Contacts, GPS, Photos, etc. are some of the common examples of native applications. Since they make use of the inbuilt features of the particular operating system, they vastly enhance the performance of the application and enrich the user’s experience.

Why should you go for native mobile app development?

  • Performance

Since the application is created and optimized for a specific platform, it will guarantee you excellent performance with a heightened level of operational efficiency. They do not depend on any plugins, WebViews, or any other middleware, allowing them to interact with the native APIs directly. This makes the native mobile apps fast and remarkably responsive. Quick loading time and fast processing speed can also be attributed to the fact that the app is compiled using core programming language and is stored directly on the device. Its exceptional performance makes the native approach suitable for heavy-duty applications like gaming. Different versions of the same application for a specific platform makes it run smoothly across iOS, Android.

  • Fewer Bugs

Since native mobile app development gives developers the freedom to maintain two applications in two separate codebases, these applications face fewer bug issues when compared with the other development approach. This also eliminates the possibility of ruining the user experience, which is a matter of concern with the cross-platform tools wherein the hardware has to be accessed through a bridge by hybrid applications.

Native apps come with appealing and functional elements, with the application adhering to the specific UI guidelines of the operating system. Since there is no discrepancy between the app design and the operating system, it makes the navigation on native mobile applications, more natural on every platform. The interactive and intuitive interface and functionalities eliminate the learning curve, which further enhances the user experience. It is important to note that since mobile apps with better UX get featured frequently on the App store, developing a native mobile application for the business can be of advantage to those trying to reach out to the target audience in a short span of time. Also, since they sit on the mobile screen, the native mobile application helps in strengthening the brand’s presence.

  • Access to complete device features:

Since these mobile applications are developed only for specific platforms, users can access the complete set of features exclusive to the particular operating system. They get to benefit from the broad functionalities of the device. These apps get direct access to the hardware of the device, which speeds up the processing and further enriches the user experience. Another significant advantage of choosing native mobile app development is the push notifications, which improves engagement and retention by targeting the right audience with useful content.

  • Flexibility:

With native mobile application your get quick accessibility to inbuilt feature like GPS, photos, camera, unlike hybrid applications which has construction limitations. Every latest technological update can be implemented in a native mobile app without any restrictions. There are also some native applications that do not need an internet connection to work, but they require an internet connection for regular updates.

  • Scalability:

Since these mobile applications make full use of underlying hardware’s functionalities, they are relatively more scalable.

  • Security:

The device leverages from the top-notch efficiency of the hardware resources available through a native wearable app development company, thereby ensuring maximum data protection and security. The quality and safety of the application are further bolstered by the app store approval process.

  • Cost:

Native mobile applications are an expensive investment. But before you jump to not developing a native mobile application, hear us out. Unlike any other mobile application development approach, with the native application, you get assured quality, impeccable performance, high-end data protection, security, and long term business benefits. While it comes with a high cost and development time, native mobile applications are worth the investment.

  • Customization:

This approach gives the developers the freedom to personalize the layout for different device screens available in the market.

  • Maintenance:

Since they are developed for a specific platform, maintaining each native mobile application is comparatively more time-consuming.

When should you think about investing in native mobile application development? 

  • If the application you are going to develop will require the device to maintain a large number of functionalities and should have a higher information processing rate such as photo exchange services, geolocation service, gams, etc. , then you should invest in native mobile applications.
  • Considering that it is expensive, if the cost is not an issue for you, then you should invest in a native mobile application for long term benefits.

Now that you have a clear picture of the benefits mentioned above of developing a native mobile application, we would advise you to reach out to a mobile application development service for the same.


Because with a dedicated team of mobile app developers by your side, you will save considerably on time and money. With the knowledge and expertise they will bring on the table, you can rest assured that the application thus developed will yield a higher return on investment. Saffron Tech’s mobile app development service will guarantee you this and more. Check out our services today!

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