There are a million other eCommerce websites that might provide the same products and services as your business, so what makes your business different from the rest of the crowd? Having a well-designed website that is appealing to the audience isn’t enough. This is the reason why almost every eCommerce business that exits online is seen to invest its resources in either hiring an app development company or in incorporating UI/UX services. Why so? Simply to enhance the end-user experience.

Online eCommerce business is becoming more and more consumer-centric, the perspectives have changed drastically. How? The brand or the business no more holds the highest throne in the kingdom of eCommerce business. The dynamics of the customer-brand relationship are changing as well.

In this digital age, the demands of the customers drive the way brands and businesses should plan their strategies especially when it comes to website development and designing. Therefore more and more brands are now putting great emphasis on providing a rich customer experience to their online customers with the help of UI/UX services.

This is the reason why internet eCommerce giants like Amazon and Google have invested heavily in building an integrated user experience that has made them more powerful. As per the statistics in an article, we noticed that almost 88% of online users are less likely to revisit a website after having a bad experience.

The level of Customer satisfaction influences a customer’s purchase intent. Here’s the thing, did you know an average full-fledged mobile landing page takes up to 22 seconds to load all the content and pictures that are available for the viewer? As per the statistics provided by Google, 53% of online visitors skip visiting a mobile website that takes more than three seconds to load. This information is scary indeed! Therefore, you must optimize your existing work approach.

The Interaction Of UX & UI And CX

User experience is a bigger phenomenon, it is more about providing a seamless experience to your customers while they interact with your products and service on your app or website. There are several parameters through which you can judge the level of customer satisfaction that your website is providing to your visitors.

Things like the average duration of each session, bounce rate, etc can help you to know how customers respond to your website. But what do we mean by customer satisfaction concerning customer experience? It consists of all the elements that your business provides to your customers apart from the product like customer support quality, product packaging, delivery, advertising, etc.

Let’s suppose your website provides a user-friendly experience to all your visitors such that you can capture their attention and can convert them into your customers, you did everything that is required to have a well-built, high-converting website, like performing extensive market research, customer research, mapping out buyers’ journey, etc.

What if in the end, your business fails to provide good customer support? What if your agents aren’t able to handle the inflow of queries from your customers? What if your order dispatching team fails to meet the scheduled deliveries on time? All these issues will ruin the customer experience. Your customers will eventually get frustrated and shift their choices to some other competitor of yours.

If your customers already love your brand and if they are loyal to you then you must focus on improving your website’s or app’s performance. To keep your existing customers engaged you must surprise them with more efficiency and better performance. Work on your website’s navigation, make sure that your customers can surf across your website smoothly. The quality of your product doesn’t seem to be the standalone parameter here, and that’s why your website’s UI, UX, and CX matters so much. Don’t wait any further, start investing in UI & UX services.

Benefits For An eCommerce Website That Invests in UX/UI Design

When you have a satisfied customer base then you can expect great results from your eCommerce website. When you design and develop a website that works as per your user base behavior then you can expect a rise in ROI as well as a reduction in costs to fix the ongoing issues with your website. According to a report published in 2017, on average, every single dollar invested in UX design provides a $100 in return. A Return On Investment of 9,900%. That’s huge! Isn’t it?

eCommerce websites that implemented a design-first strategy saw exponential growth in sales and a significant drop in bounce rate. All these facts are enough to prove how profitable UX/UI services can be for your online business. Let’s look into the topmost benefits your business will have if you plan to invest in UI and UX services.

  1. Boosting customer loyalty and acquisition
    When your website provides a seamless user experience then you have an additional advantage over your competitors. You will be able to attract the audiences that used to prefer buying from your competitor, simply because of a better user experience. Not just that, you’ll be able to retain your customers as well. The smoother the navigation of your website is, the more chances are for you to convert your customers into your high-value clients.
  2. Get more opportunities to boost your revenues
    When you can provide a better website journey to your visitors by identifying the key areas where you can potentially convert them into your buyers, you will be able to get the maximum results.
    We suggest you perform A/B testing to know how your users respond. Based on that you can refine or revamp your CX strategies. You can always outperform your past performances by making certain tweaks such as better CTAs, better customer interaction, etc.
  3. Save money, time, and resources
    Incorporating UX/UI designs will help you in knocking out all the usability issues your customer might experience. The UX/UI developers and designers can know what are the demands of your customers, based on that they will come up with certain solutions that’ll be scalable as well as flexible so that you can scale your business in the future or whenever you want to achieve higher growth. Due to this, you’ll be able to save a lot of time, effort, and money in the future.

    At Saffron Tech, we create multiple wireframes for our clients so that it helps them to visualize the structure of their website. They’ll be able to know what features their interface will provide to their clients, what kind of usability the website or the app will have, and how smooth will be the web or app navigation.

    Once we finalize that we move onto the next part, which is UI designing. We evaluate the needs of our clients as well as the needs of their target audiences so that we can deliver the maximum benefits of our UI/UX services.
  4. Get Analytics And Data From User Engagement
    Metrics that provide information about user engagement are valuable. With the help of these metrics, one can find what pleases their customers the most, the business can discover an integrated roadmap that its buyer usually follows before making the final purchase.

    Once you implement certain changes that can enhance your website’s user experience, you’ll be able to optimize and experiment with new strategies for your customers according to the way they respond to your website. With this data, you’ll be able to evaluate your website’s success rate as well.
  5. Reduce your budget dedicated to resolving website issues
    Almost every organization splurges out a lavish amount of money on fixing and resolving website issues. These issues arise because of wrong preconceived notions about user navigation, behavior, inappropriate and irrelevant features. But when your website is backed with quality UX and UI then you can effectively reduce the number of such errors and save yourself from potential website disruptions in the future.


Before you hire an app development company or any UX/UI services, you must understand the role of UI & UX in determining the success of an eCommerce company. We have tried to list some of the most major benefits of incorporating them in your eCommerce website.

The modern digital world is dominated by user experience, the chances of your eCommerce website making a mark depends upon what kind of customer satisfaction your website provides. 39% of the users tend to quit in between if the website is not able to load the images or takes a lot of time!

User experience is a very crucial part of the consumer experience. If your eCommerce website can implement it well then you can expect a positive KPI along with a high Return On Investment. Already supergiants like Google and Amazon have made their website UX/UI friendly, it’s time for yours too!

We can help you in delivering a smooth end-user experience with our User Interface Design and User Experience Design services. We help you to eliminate all the success roadblocks that come between your target audience and your website’s usability.

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