Constant evolution and adaptivity are the new normal for today’s tech-driven world and even more so in the domain of sales and marketing. Competent firms in their bids of overhauling are making the best out of available tech, so why shouldn’t you? 

There are many areas of IT which still remain a mystery to most of us, thanks to the complicated nature of its application. However, technological support has now become imperative for every business looking to scale. You can opt for an in-house support team or outsource your IT applications. The latter is being preferred by most because of the convenience and cost-effectiveness it brings to the table. Every organization is different and has a different set of requirements. A tech partner will outline a strategy in line with your needs and manage your applications effectively. Whereas, an in-house department for tech support and service may sound tempting but is not as easy to manage. It is not a recommended option unless you are a large enough corporation and have finances to support the infrastructure. 

Scaling any business, especially during the pandemic, takes a lot and having a competent tech team at your disposal can significantly contribute towards growth and development. At the same time, an inefficient team or infrastructure can make you lose out on a lot. 

Insufficient infrastructure

IT strategies are required to evolve along with your business. If your business is scaling, so should your IT applications. For instance, a simple change of content form from text to videos will require a new strategy to handle the bandwidth. Now, if you feel your current infrastructure cannot accommodate your growing needs, you can outsource your IT applications. The cost of transition will not be as much compared to the in-house expenses and you will get perfectly scalable infrastructure. There are times when an in-house team is not able to meet the required demands and it could be for various reasons- they are understaffed, working with limited resources, there’s too much clutter and such. This is where an agency steps in and removes the hassle altogether. 

Another important aspect which needs your attention is that upgrading in-house hardware can be financially challenging. If you believe your hardware is not in line with your requirements, connect with an agency that complies with your needs. Also, most businesses have scattered systems and require powerful connections to stay up and that means setting up servers in multiple locations. A tech partner can assist you with your networks and set up an efficient connection.

Overworked employees

If you only hear from your IT when something goes wrong, it is an indication that is overworked. Proactive IT management is crucial in today’s landscape and an absolute key to scaling your business. If your tech team is pressured to keep up with regular maintenance like software updates, security scans, and other technical fires could be a sign that they need extra support. This could not only affect the efficiency of operations but also lead to low morale in employees. 

According to Robert Half, the ratio of employee to technicians is 70:1 in most organizations and that is an overwhelming number to stick by. Another sign that indicates overworked employees is an increase in overtimes. These are the times when it advisable to partner up with a tech firm and offload some responsibilities from your employee’s shoulders. This will reduce the cost of hiring more employees and increase the productivity of your organization.

Increased costs

Information technology services have become an indispensable part of an organization and require an equal amount of focus and resources. IT salaries can vary to a great extent depending upon your geographical locations but still have a huge impact on the finances of an organization. If your organization is scaling, IT management can seriously hamper your productivity and resources. 

If you are witnessing a gradual increase in costs of maintaining your IT applications, it a sign that you need to switch to a more elaborate model. Partnering up with a tech firm will give you the opportunity to have the expertise of a well-defined IT team at half the price. This way you can focus your finances on core activities like marketing.

Tighter budgets

With a pandemic in toe, tighter budgets are something every business owner can resonate with. It has been a constant battle just to stay afloat amidst this recession and scaling the business in this scenario has completely shifted the dynamics of operations. Since most of the employees are working from home, the need for an elaborate network has increased multifold. At this point in time, investing in your tech can be really straining. If you have a tight budget and are looking to expand your IT applications opting for a tech partner can prove to be really fruitful for your organization. There will be no additional cost of upgrading infrastructure and you’ll be getting the expertise of seasoned professionals. 

Tighter budgets

Talent shortage

The world has been witnessing a labour crunch since the onset of 2018. The gap between the demand and supply for competent labour is increasing day by day, especially in fields like technology. IT applications require specific training and extensive knowledge of the domain, the courses are harder and are only available in limited schools. It can be challenging for your recruitment managers to find the desired expertise at the desired price and running recruitment campaigns will further dent your finances. 

If you find yourself in the dilemma of an option for an agency or to invest in recruitment campaigns, it is recommended you opt for a tech partner. They will bring to your service tech mavens with exceptional skill sets at very nominal prices. 

Increased downtime

No business owner would ever want their system to go down but it is something that happens all the time. There is no system which is immune to downtime and can even fall prey to denial of service attacks. Downtime can be a result of anything from mundane reasons to cyberattacks and the only solution is to have your system back online as soon as possible. With an in-house IT team, it gets harder to track the problem to its source and keep up the troubleshooting all at once. By opting for a tech partner you can rest assured that your system is being constantly monitored. This reduces the risks of downtimes and increases the efficiency of your operations. 

Security concerns

Security planning is the top priority for every organization looking to set up its tech infrastructure. There are often times when small or mid-sized organizations feel they will not be a target for cyber-attacks because of their size. This is their biggest misconception and can cause them a LOT of damage. A security plan with contingency strategy and backup strategy is a must for organizations regardless of their size. If the competency of your in-house infrastructure worries you, it’s time to switch to a tech partner. Technology partners are well versed with cyber threats that are prevalent and proactively engage in combating them.

The flow of service is hindered

Aligning computer systems across the organization can be a major source of inefficiency. It can seriously hinder the flow of service and increase downtimes. Another significant contributor to decreased efficiency of operations is end-of-life software. Outdated software not only makes you lose the competitive edge but also slows down the operations. Also, they can pose some serious threats to your security. Outdated software is easily hackable and can make you fall prey to cyber-attacks. It is imperative to constantly update your software and hardware to ensure smooth functioning. However, it can be time-consuming and can cost a lot. 

One way to reduce hindrances in your flow of service is to lease programs or you can simply partner up with a competent tech firm. They will not only assist you with this but also have additional benefits like increased security and constant monitoring. 

Ineffective maintenance

Maintenance falling behind is a sign that your tech support is ineffective. Falling behind on maintenance can mean increased reboots, upgrades, and more downtime. It seems simple enough to hire someone for maintaining your tech applications but what needs to be noted here is that you’d need a whole team for just maintenance purposes. 

There are different skill sets which are required to maintain a comprehensive system and you’d need to hire different teams for different locations. This can be too much of a hassle for any business owner, especially when there is a convenient way out. You can look for additional tech support by partnering up with a tech firm. They offer seasoned professionals who can remotely manage all your networks. 

The disaster recovery model is inadequate

The disaster recovery model of any organization requires to be impeccably built. It is essential in times of attacks and can significantly save you from damage. A comprehensive disaster recovery model includes backup, replication of data, protection against failover and failback. Building such a model, however, is not as easy as it may seem. Developing an in-house disaster recovery model can be very challenging especially for small and mid-sized businesses. If you feel threatened by the increasing number of cyberattacks and want a full-proof plan to save your data, opting for a tech firm is your best bet.

Now that you have identified your needs, it is time to act on them. If you’re looking for an experienced tech partner, look no further because Saffron Tech is the answer to all your needs. With an elaborate portfolio of services and expertise of over 12 years, we offer top-of-the-class customizable services in line with your needs. Connect with one of our tech mavens now to further understand the need for our services. 

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