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We are living in an app-driven era where apps have become an inseparable part of our lives and a big credit to the dependency on apps and its rise in the market goes to the influx of smartphones.

You will be completely surprised to know that currently, there are more than 8.93 million mobile apps out there and this number is going to keep on increasing at a very fast pace since every day, a new mobile app is being launched. Even the number of apps per mobile devices is around 80 to 90 and that opens many doors of brand awareness, integration, and influence for marketers.

The rise of mobile apps is not limited to a particular industry as each and every industry out there has now moved to the digital platform and how can they miss the chance to target their consumers to where they are already present; mobile devices. But one of the sectors that have been completely transformed because of the advent of mobile apps is the FMCG sector. This is why, through this blog post, we are going to find out how the FMCG sector has been transformed by mobile applications.

Mobile applications- The most convenient means for FMCG market

In the modern era, smartphones have become one of the best companions of shoppers. Now more and more people are spending time on their smartphones and they are spending less time visiting a physical shop. No one wants to go through the hassle of going out and with everything available on fingertips, why can’t the same approach be used for FMCG products. Even the current lockdown has forced people who resisted technology to shift to mobile apps for FMCG shopping.

Just like all other industries, even the FMCG has been revolutionized by technological advancement and mobile applications is one of the best examples of one such technological evolution. Now, shoppers are more interested in spending their commerce time on mobile phones and this is what is turning the earlier vibrant giant supermarkets into dead malls. Even the traditional channels used by the FMCG industry for targeting customers are becoming less effective since such channels are becoming savvier. Even marketers have realized that customers are paying less attention to TV ads, banners, websites, and pop up ads.

The impact of mobile applications on the FMCG industry

The impact of mobile applications on the FMCG industry

Food on demand

For the millennial customer base, food on demand is acting as a magic wand since, after a tough day at work or college, no one wishes to go out to buy daily needed products. Even ready to eat food items are delivered piping hot to the doorstep of the customers and this is what changed the marketing strategy for the FMCG industry. All the FMCG firms that are currently using mobile applications for providing their products must have seen a rise in the purchase, just because of the on-demand home delivery feature.


Even geo-locating the clients are turning out to be a big win for the FMCG sector since its basic idea is to bring in enormous luck. The advanced modern-day location based administrations of mobile apps like beacons and geo fencing are allowing firms to attract their potential clients before they even enter into the physical area.

You should know that the FMCG industry is now using geo-fencing through mobile apps in order to inform the customers whenever they get near to the store. Gone are those days when you needed to pay a clown for standing outside your store with a banner in hand as we are living in the era of mobile apps.

Customer loyalty

Through mobile applications, it has become easier for FMCG firms to nurture their loyal customers since qualifying a loyal customer base becomes easier when every customer is using your mobile app.

Now loyal customers can be made to feel more special through special coupons and offers sent on mobile apps. This adds value to the loyal customer base and it also helps to turn the loyal customers into brand advocates.

Versatile payment methods

In addition to getting a wide array of options and the same product at different prices, consumers also get the advantage of versatile payment methods. You should know that consumers find mobile applications to be safer for making any kind of payment in comparison to websites and with so many options of payment, mobile app payment proves to be more convenient to the customers.

Price war

Because of the advent of mobile applications, the war on price has been fueled in the FMCG sector and this is making products more economical for the consumers. Every FMCG firm out there is looking forward to giving the best price to the customers and that’s why they are coming up with so many discounts and offers available only on the mobile applications. This trend will continue for a long time and it will keep on making the FMCG products a lot cheaper than what you will buy in physical stores.

Make the most of this opportunity

Every industry has to go through some sort of transformation because of the changing market landscape or because of technological evolution and instead of considering these changes as a threat to your firm, you should start embracing them. Well, the same can be said about the rise of mobile applications in the FMCG industry.

If you as a marketer will start using a mobile app for your FMCG firm then in addition to engaging customers in a completely different way, you can convert the current mobile traffic into repeat visits and increase your sales as well. Through enticing, engaging, seamless, and unique mobile apps, boosting brand, and even improving brand loyalty becomes very easy.

Mobile apps and notification, when perfectly aligned with your marketing strategy can do wonders for your firm and make people succumb to buying your products. And the best part is building a mobile app will not burn a hole in your pocket.

Getting creative with mobile apps for FMCG

You will have unlimited options when you will start planning out how to integrate POS and in retail functionality into your mobile applications. And you can thank a wide array of technologies for such type of ease of integration in mobile apps.

Wireless, Bluetooth, GPS, beacons, chips, QR codes, mobile payments, Facebook eStore, and hashtag scanner are some of the best opportunities that when it comes down to improving the features and functionality of your mobile application.

Some of the most common functionality that can be included in mobile apps for FMCG firms:

  • Allowing users to send special app downloading invites to friends
  • Giving an option to the user to share the ratings and reviews of the product on social media
  • Letting users find out your nearest store and the current sales and discounts in those stores
  • Letting users see which experts are using your product, integrating simple games to win discounts, and uploading content that is totally user-generated

Investing in mobile app development

If you will compare the mobile app development with all the traditional marketing channels that were used by your firm then you will find mobile app development to be a lot more economical. It doesn’t matter what is the size of your business, any type of mobile app development will require lower capital investment and you will get more time to market as well. You will instantly start getting benefits for your firm after app development and this will also act as an important source of a useful database for you.

The mobile app revolution has transformed almost all the industries out there and the FMCG industry is no exception to this change. With the increasing use of mobile phones and increasing dependency on mobile applications, the FMCG will keep on growing and engage customers on mobile devices. If you are not in the mood to lose a golden opportunity then you should start working on launching your own mobile app for your FMCG market and add a new source of income for your firm.

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