Corporate companies spend much more on traveling. As per a report, global corporate traveling spending is expected to be $1.7 trillion in 2023. Businesses seek solutions that will reduce these numbers; that’s where B2B travel apps come in. The importance of travel apps becomes increasingly apparent, especially in B2B travel apps. Whether planning a journey, finding the best local spots, or navigating unfamiliar terrain, these apps have revolutionized exploring places.

We have curated a list of  "Top 7 Travel Apps for 2024." These apps have built-in features for businesses in the B2B travel sector. From user-friendly interfaces to innovative B2B functionalities, each app on this list has been chosen with the B2B travel industry in mind. The most common problem arises when choosing the best travel platform. No worries, we've got you covered. By the end of this blog, you will have a clear answer in your mind.

How do you choose the best B2B Travel App? 

Choosing the best travel apps involves carefully assessing the various factors to ensure they meet the needs of the B2B travel industry. Look out for these features when selecting a best B2B travel app:

User-Friendly Interface: The apps on our list include an intuitive design, providing a smooth user experience. Navigating through these applications is a breeze, making them easily accessible to users with varying technical expertise.

Complete Features: We always consider the apps that offer a full suite of functionalities covering every aspect of the travel experience. From journey planning and booking to navigation and local recommendations, these apps are designed to smoothen and simplify various travel-related tasks.

Reliability and Performance: A key consideration in our selection process was the consistent performance of the apps. They are built to withstand glitches, resulting in reliable performance even in challenging situations. Quick loading times and responsiveness further enhance the user experience.

User Reviews and Ratings: We curated a list of apps with positive reviews and high ratings on app stores, indicating high user satisfaction. We also considered how developers responded to user feedback, valuing apps that actively engage with their user base.

Security and Privacy: Protecting user data is a must. Our selected apps, including those designed for B2B travel, implement robust security measures and maintain transparent privacy policies, ensuring the safety of personal information and compliance with industry standards.

Innovative Technology: The chosen apps integrate AI, AR, or machine learning technologies. Regular updates demonstrate a commitment to incorporating new technologies and embracing industry trends.

Offline Functionality: Recognizing the importance of functionality in areas with limited connectivity, these apps can work offline. Users can access essential features and information, including without an internet connection, enhancing their experience in various travel scenarios.

Cross-Platform Compatibility: We ensured that the selected apps were available on multiple platforms, including iOS and Android, and were compatible with various devices. Synchronization across devices guarantees a seamless user experience, allowing travelers and business professionals to access information effortlessly.

Community and Social Integration: Our chosen apps, whether for general or B2B travel, facilitate social interaction among travelers and business users. Integrating community forums, user-generated content, reviews, and recommendations creates a vibrant user community, Creating a sense of connection and shared experiences.

Value Addition: They offer additional features such as language translation, currency conversion, and travel insights. Regular updates show a commitment to continuous improvement, ensuring that the apps evolve to meet the changing needs of travelers and business professionals in 2024.

Top 7 Best Travel Apps

1. TravelPerk


TravelPerk is a handy tool for businesses to handle their travel needs smoothly. It's not just simple to use but also packed with useful features:

Travel Policy: TravelPerk helps you stick to your company's travel rules. If a trip doesn't meet the policy, it needs approval, saving costs and keeping spending in check.

Quick Help: TravelPerk provides quick access to a real person in 15 seconds or less, ensuring fast support and assistance.

Industry best Travel Deals: You get access to top-notch travel deals. TravelPerk has partnerships worldwide, ensuring you get the best rates for flights, accommodation, and more.

Flexibility: In case any plans get changed or canceled.  TravelPerk gives 80% of your money back when you need to cancel a trip.

Carbon offsetting: TravelPerk cares about the environment. With GreenPerk, your business can offset the environmental impact of travel.

VAT Recovery Tool: Use TravelPerk's tool to save up to 25% on your business travel expenses through VAT recovery.

Third-Party Integration: TravelPerk easily integrates with other tools, creating a seamless experience for managing corporate travel.

TravelCare: TravelPerk's TravelCare ensures you have all the info and support needed for safe travels.

Pricing Plans: Whether you're a small startup or a big corporation, TravelPerk has plans that match your budget. Plus, you only pay when you actually travel. You can even try it out for free!

2. TravelBank

TravelBank is designed to consolidate all travel services into a single platform and serve as a comprehensive travel management solution for businesses and travel managers.

Travel bank

Key Features of TravelBank:

Travel Policy Setting: Similar to TravelPerk, TravelBank allows users to establish travel policies, providing parameters to align booking options with corporate travel guidelines.

Analytics and Expense Tracking: A standout feature of TravelBank is its robust analytics and travel expense tracker, breaking down expenditures into detailed segments for effective budget management.

Traveler Profiles: The platform facilitates travel management for individual employees through personalized traveler profiles.

Employee Rewards: To encourage adherence to travel policies, TravelBank enables the rewarding of employees who make policy-compliant decisions within budget constraints.

24/7 Travel Support: Dedicated travel agents are accessible around the clock via phone, chat, and email, ensuring constant support for users.

Pricing Structure: Unlike TravelPerk's per-trip fee, TravelBank charges a monthly payment based on total users. Evaluating how this aligns with your budget is essential to ensure cost-effectiveness.

3. SAP Concur

SAP Concur

SAP Concur is a high-performing corporate travel solution primarily tailored for large enterprises, serving notable clients like Twitter, IBM, and Vodafone. This platform offers businesses:

Unified Management System: SAP Concur streamlines travel management by providing a singular platform for flights, trains, taxis, and hotel bookings.

Automated Expense Processes: By simplifying travel expense management, SAP Concur introduces automated processes, facilitating easy handling for businesses and employees.

Efficient Invoicing Solution: Businesses benefit from a dedicated invoicing solution, reducing invoice processing time by a substantial 75%.

Unified Dashboard: SAP Concur offers a centralized dashboard, providing a comprehensive view of all travel arrangements for enhanced monitoring.

4. AMEX Global Business Travel

AMEX Global Business Travel

AMEX Global Business Travel manages traveling for businesses. Lots of companies worldwide use AMEX Global Business Travel for smooth business travel. 

What it offers:

Safety First: It has a feature to ensure your employees are safe when on the go.

Easy Event Planning: AMEX helps you find the best venue for any event quickly with negotiated rates.

Airline Credit Reporting: A handy feature tells you about canceled or unused tickets and how to get a refund.

TravelVitals for Easy Trip Info: They have a tool called Travel Vitals™ that lets employees simultaneously see all their trip details.

5. Hotelbeds


Hotelbeds is a trusted hotel banking engine that makes your traveling easy, offering users a number of features:

International Network: With over 180,000 partner accommodations spanning North America, Europe, and Asia, Hotelbeds provides a broad international network for users.

Local Expertise: Hotelbeds employs regional contractors in each destination who actively scout and assess new properties, ensuring users access the best prices. Notable partners include Sheraton, Melia, and InterContinental Hotels Group.

Beyond hotel bookings: It offers various options such as resorts, apartments, homes, villas, bed and breakfasts, hostels, boutique hotels, and apart-hotels.

Transport Solutions: Besides accommodations, Hotelbeds collaborates with transportation and transfer services, providing various destination experiences. Partnering with 60,000 travel distributors, they facilitate travel to over 200 countries.

Booking API: The standout feature of Hotelbeds is its Booking API. This tool allows users to choose flexible booking dates, filter hotels based on different metrics, access direct upgrades, and more. The API enables seamless integration of these functions into enterprise suites.

6. Ratehawk


Ratehawk stands out as a B2B travel agency offering comprehensive booking engine solutions for both B2B and B2B2C purposes. True to its name, Ratehawk provides users access to the most competitive hotel rates worldwide. Here are the key features of Ratehawk:

Global Network: With a database exceeding 1.7 million hotels globally, Ratehawk collaborates with over 120 suppliers, covering car bookings, transfers, flight tickets, and more.

Cross-Platform Application: Tailored for travel agencies and businesses, Ratehawk offers a feature-rich solution to reduce costs and enhance efficiency.

API Integration: Particularly beneficial for large enterprises, Ratehawk includes API integration capabilities, allowing seamless integration with websites and other online services.

Mobile App Accessibility: Ratehawk ensures convenience with its mobile app, facilitating remote operations on Android and iOS platforms.

Trip Management: Users benefit from real-time delivery of all travel-related documentation and a loyalty program for recurring clients.

Role Assignment: Ratehawk allows employees to book their travel needs within predefined parameters, contributing to effective control over travel expenses.

Customer Support: Backed by an efficient multilingual customer support team, Ratehawk ensures swift resolution of issues.

7. Sabre


Sabre provides diverse travel technology solutions and products, including an efficient online booking engine for fast, easy-processed hotel reservations. The platform presents a responsive B2B travel portal, offering organizations smooth management of their hotel bookings.

Key features of Sabre:

Dynamic Personalization: Sabre incorporates dynamic personalization, tailoring options based on travelers' profiles, booking history, and preferences.

Multi-Device Access: Users enjoy the flexibility of accessing the platform across multiple devices, allowing them to seamlessly continue bookings from where they left off.

Smart Booking Engine: Sabre's intelligent booking engine automatically organizes options to identify the optimal solution for each traveler.

Sabre introduces a distinctive approach to B2B hotel booking software, empowering organizations to take control of their travel booking processes with a user-friendly and efficient solution.


Finding the right travel platform is the key to comfortable corporate traveling. These B2B travel apps make your journey stress-free and smoother as they help you plan your trip.
If you are a big company or a small startup, these B2B travel apps, TravelPerk, TravelBank, SAP Concur, AMEX Global Business Travel, Hotelbeds, Ratehawk, and Sabre, are the perfect choice. As we move into 2024, consider these apps your business travel buddies. Your next successful trip is just a download away.

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