All the information that you get at a tap of a button on your mobile application is the works of a database. It is responsible for storing and presenting information to the users in an accurate context. Hence, naturally, a mobile application developer needs to select the right database to ensure that the mobile application is user-friendly and Are you planning to develop a mobile application for your business? 

Are you struggling to find the right database?

This is because it delivers comprehensible, informative and reliable information quickly.

But before we start with the factors that you need to focus on to select a suitable database for your mobile app, let us look into the different types of the database from which one can choose from:

Initially, the database was taken care of by the server-side and cloud, communication for which were made by the mobile devices through the network. This network dependency affected the responsiveness, which led to the shift to the database being stored locally or a copy of it is uploaded on the cloud.

A mobile app developer has a plethora of database options to choose from:


Data in ODB is managed and stored in real-time. They allow storing, transformation and manipulation of the records and operations per the growing business needs. Unlike any other database management system, it allows for real-time database management.


One of the most commonly used database management systems, a relational database is based on a set of tables and comprise of relations where primary and foreign keys can be linked to different tables.


The end-user database is suitable for the business where they have a workstation which is a database in themselves. Similar to the shared database, these are used to fulfil end-user requirements.


This database allows for quick and easy data access in various locations and is commonly used when the data has to be distributed between different elements. A business that operates from multiple geographical locations can leverage from this.


As the term suggests, this is a place where all the data is collected, stored and analyzed for an extended period. It is considered a suitable tool for promptly removing business queries and is highly recommended for mobile application development companies.

Now coming to factors that should be taken into consideration while choosing a database for your mobile application, we have compiled a list which can guide you to a good start:

  • Track the data structure

The data structure is essential to make sure that the application can retrieve the correct data instantly. It is the data structure that decides how the data will be stored. Slow data retrieval will also adversely impact the development and modification process.

Check whether or not the structure allows for easy accessibility of the data, scalability. Whether or not it is of sufficient size for data storage? Check how the database handles the input and output? Does it leave room for multiple databases or not?

  • Ensure the safety of the data

The app users need to be sure that they are sharing their information on a safe and secure platform. Security is a priority. Period. If the data is on rest, make sure that all the communication is being done on secure platforms like TLS or SSL. For data that is on rest on both the server as well as the client, the database should be compatible for data level as well as file system encryption. Databases authentication and read/write accessibility should also be taken into consideration.

  • The flexible data model must be used.

Depending upon your requirement, the database should be quick to articulate without compromising on the functionality of the mobile application. Will the database allow for your data model to accordingly evolve with the need and the evolving mobile application landscape? Model flexibility has become an essential element in such times when every 15 days there is an update on the application. If durable data consistency and high relational data is your requirement, you should go for a relational database; there is always a NoSQL database which provides enhanced flexibility.

  • Take all platform into consideration

Have you decided on which platform are you planning to create your application form? Android? iOs? Window? Maybe such a style that is compatible across all platforms? If you plan to scale further, make sure your cloud and database options are open for secure development in the later operations.

  • Resolve the data conflicts gracefully

Distribution across several platforms leads to massive confusion and dispute. Disputes are frequent in the platform where there is decentralized data writes since the same data is used and modified in multiple ways by different devices. Look for a database that offers seamless conflict resolution by human, external devices, systems and cloud. Don’t forget to check whether or not does the database allows for syncing of the data without any glitch.

  • Find the right network topology:

Databases will have topologies, but not all will work with/without internet and q this is why you need to be mindful of making a choice. If you are looking for offline benefits, then you should go for star topology that will also prevent you from the hassle of maintaining single nodes in the record, as it does it.

Whether or not the database gives enough room to customization should also be looked into. The database should be able to store, transmit and access data, especially if you are planning to develop a cross-platform mobile application.

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Choosing Database

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