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Mobile is reshaping the current business landscape and that’s why it has become an inseparable part of the business strategy. But with the proliferation of mobile devices, businesses are finding it very difficult to manage and maintain different applications deployed on multiple platforms.

As a renowned enterprise mobility consulting service provider, we take care of such type of hassles and use our understanding of the latest business landscape and technology in order to provide better consulting services. By choosing our enterprise mobility consulting services, businesses are able to harness the advantages of mobile application solutions and make it easy to manage multiple applications. Our highly skilled developers are well-versed in native and hybrid applications across different OS like Android, iOS and Blackberry. By using our long years of experience and expertise in the enterprise mobility consulting services, we help our clients to achieve their goals quickly and make  mobile enterprise.

Our Enterprise Mobility Consulting Service offering

Strategy and Consulting

Strategy and consulting

Our enterprise mobility strategy and consulting services includes mobility advisory from our experts and it is totally based on specific need and type of business. In this service, we work on building a strategic blueprint and contribute in application architecture.

Application Development

Application development

We build feature-rich, highly responsive and unique mobile apps for different types of platforms like iOS, Android, and BlackBerry. Our experienced developers can build both hybrid and native mobile apps for your business so that you can achieve your goal without any hassle. Our main goal while building mobile apps is to provide a smooth experience to the user.

Mobile Quality Assurance and Integration

Mobile quality assurance and integration

We also help in integrating the feature rich mobile apps in the business architecture. We run comprehensive testing for different versions and platforms of mobile devices to make sure the app is delivered within the timeframe and in the set budget.

Managed Mobility Services

Managed Mobility Services

Our team takes care of both deployment and management of mobile apps. Along with providing bank-level security strategy for enterprise level mobile apps, we also provide multi-OS device management with data governance.

Strategic Way to Approach Enterprise Mobility

As a leader in the mobile consulting service industry, we know that successful enterprise mobility strategy includes analyzing all the available options, choosing the best one and developing mobile solutions that can fulfill all the requirements of the company. We go through the specific needs of our clients and then build a strategy that fits like a glove in the specific needs of the business.

We have served a wide array of industries and our long years of experience in providing world-class enterprise mobility consulting service allows us to understand enterprise requirements and fulfill them in a much better way. By choosing us as your mobility consulting service provider, you will be able to fulfill all your security, enterprise and technological needs without breaking the bank. We never compromise on the quality of our service and we never let our prices surpass the limited budget of our clients.

Study the Business Objective and Targets

We Study the Business Objective and Targets

Before beginning with the planning process, we go through the business objectives and targets of our clients. After that, we design a strategy around those specific goals because every business has unique objective and target that is based on their industry, business size and market landscape. By building strategies around the objective and targets of our clients, we are able to fulfill the need of our clients in a much better way. Our team of expert IT professional will study your objective and target in a detailed way in order to understand what you want and what your business currently needs.

Our Enterprise Mobility Consulting Process

We use a tried and tested process for delivering unmatchable enterprise mobility solutions.



We begin the process with mobile advisory. During this first stage, we work with our clients to build a strategic roadmap that acts as a guide during the whole process.

Application Development

Application development

Then we begin the phase of application development. Here, we go through various available options, choose the best one and start developing feature-rich and responsive app.



After building the application we run several tests in order to find each and every type of error and bug.



This is the last stage of our service in which we deploy the app on the basis of its compatibility with the platform.

Key Benefits of Choosing Us


Exceptional service

Saffron Tech world-class enterprise mobility services through which businesses are able to achieve their operational, strategic goals without any hassle. By choosing us, you can augment customer experience and provide an enhanced experience.


Experienced consulting service provider

We have a team of experienced IT professionals who can help you in developing world-class mobile solutions that can boost the growth of your of your business. All our developers, designers and content developer have more than 10 years of experience and that’s we assure unmatchable service.


Productivity centric mobile strategy

We always work towards building a productivity centric mobile strategy so that you can achieve your strategic goal without any hitches. Our consultant focus on the productivity of the strategy and use tested and tried methods to deliver better services.


Industry specific transformation service

We know that the need of every industry is different and this is why we use different approaches for different industries. This way, we are able to serve our customers on the basis of their industry and give better results.

Frequently Ask Question

Yes, Saffron Tech makes sure that your business is given the utmost attention by assigning a dedicated team of project developers who will be at your beck and call right from the start of the project till its maintenance.
Our management solution developers come with extensive experience of having worked in an agile development model in their approach to build a system. You can rest assured that our dedicated team will make sure the most efficient method is followed and competent tools and technologies are used.
This depends on several factors such as your business’s needs and requirements, your budget and the time taken in developing the management system.
Saffron Tech believes in transparency. The cost of the entire project, depending upon the requirements, will be shared with you prior to signing the papers so as not to keep you in the dark.
Yes, we will inform you of every process so that you know the development phase and get answers to queries promptly, if any.
From retail to manufacturing, hospitality, e-commerce, regardless of which industry you are operating in, we guarantee creating a robust enterprise system for enriched user experience and maximum profitability.
We do not believe in one size fits all approach. Depending on your business, its scale, requirements and demand, our developers will analyze and strategize a customized solution to develop a system that is aligned with your business’s objective and ensures the purpose of achieving maximum return on investment.
It will easily integrate with the existing enterprise system such as HRMS, CMS. SaffronTech guarantees easy API integration.
Yes, our maintenance and support team is available round the clock for all your app-related queries.
Our CMS will run smoothly across all leading platforms. Our dedicated team of developers will make sure that it is fast, efficient and delivers higher ROI.

Trust Saffron Tech to build an Enterprise mobility consulting services that guarantees higher return on investment

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