How they are Different?

An enterprise application is very much different from a consumer application. With the help of enterprise applications, businesses can achieve their objectives in a much better way. All the enterprise apps are custom-made according to the organization’s specific needs, and that’s why they can serve the purpose of businesses in a much better way.

The unique features of enterprise applications that set it apart from consumer applications is its functionality in classical packaging and brevity. Since the target audience is very small, enterprise applications are much more expensive than consumer apps. On one side, the consumer focuses on emotional design targeting while the enterprise application focuses on simplification of the business process, and that’s why it doesn’t have an emotional touch in its design.

Understanding Enterprise Application Development Process

Saffron Tech is an expert enterprise application development company that has been helping businesses through its decade of experience. The long years of experience have helped develop a process that ensures high productivity and timely project delivery.


We start the enterprise application development process through the kick-off stage. We go through our clients’ specific needs and requirements, assign the best team for the project, build a project blueprint, and prepare all the necessary technical documents.


We use an agile application development process to ensure the quality of the application that we are working on. In addition to this, we also continuously conduct user acceptance testing and share codes of the enterprise application with our clients. We also deploy the mobile app during this stage of the enterprise application development process.


In this stage, we assign team members for finding and fixing bugs, provide client support, and maintain the app for better performance.

Our Enterprise Application Development Service Offerings

Enterprise Application

Our developers specialize in BizTalk development and SharePoint Development. This expertise allows us to use the existing IT infrastructure without changing the data structure or the application. From SOA to business process management services, we offer various services under our enterprise application integration offering.

Enterprise Application

You can offload your hassle of project management and software development by choosing our enterprise application outsourcing service. In addition to minimizing your hassle, you will also reduce the overall expenses on software development by choosing our enterprise application outsourcing services.


Mobility has now become an integral part of every business. This is why we offer enterprise mobile app development for different mobile platforms like Android, iOS, and windows. All our mobile enterprise apps run smoothly on mobiles of different sizes and shapes. Harness the advantages of mobility by choosing our enterprise mobile app development service.

Benefits Of Enterprise Applications

Simplification Of The
Business Process

An enterprise application brings all the business processes to a single place, simplifying even complex business operations. With everything accessible from a single place, working on complicated business processes becomes very easy.

Better Exchange Of

With the help of an enterprise application, you will be able to improve the exchange of information within your company, which is vital for a seamless workflow. From exchanging day-to-day data to informing employees, everything related to the exchange of information becomes very easy.


Enterprise application also aids the users in increasing their speed, and thus it contributes towards increased productivity. With better collaboration, a seamless flow of data, and a user-friendly interface, employees can complete their tasks in less time.

Changing Trends in Enterprise Application Development

Machine Learning

More than 40% of the developers looking forward to using new technology in enterprise application development prefer machine learning. With machine learning, data can be analyzed to identify potential problems and raise red flags.

Voice-Driven Software

Voice-based search is not only increasing on mobile searches but is also catching fire in the enterprise app development process. Instead of typing queries, users will start preferring voice-driven software.

Cloud Computing

The influx of cloud will also affect enterprise application development, and firms will start preferring cloud-based enterprise applications because of cost-saving, flexibility, and better security.


Software-defined wide-area networking will soon become a dominating trend in enterprise application development. It provides better network speed and greater bandwidth, as well.

Most Common Challenges in Enterprise App Development


With BYOD becoming a common trend in most organizations, keeping the enterprise app safe and secure has become one of the biggest challenges. The enterprise application contains crucial data, which is why the app needs to be safe and secure. If your data gets leaked, your business will be compromised.

Shift To Mobile

Most of the firms are looking forward to shifting their enterprise application to the mobile platform. Still, the challenge is to ensure a seamless shift and include all the app’s essential features on the mobile platform. But at the same time, firms have to make sure that in the process of including all the essential features, they don’t end up building a heavy mobile app.

Big Data

Data is growing at a very high rate, which poses a significant challenge in enterprise application development. The problem here is to maintain a large amount of data effectively and safely on the enterprise application.

Best Enterprise Application Development Platform


Kintone has been allowing developers to build an enterprise application efficiently and effectively for more than two decades, and that’s why we rely on this renowned and trusted enterprise application development platform. This platform has gained popularity because of the credibility provided by all the enterprise applications built through it. It is a business database creation platform that allows developers to build a simple enterprise application for all complex business operations.

Consider Saffron Tech For Your Enterprise Application Development

Saffron Tech is one of the leading and most renowned enterprise application development companies that has been working in the industry for more than 11 years. Whether you want a big scale enterprise application or a standard enterprise application for your small business, we deliver to all. Take advantage of our developers’ experience and skillset and build an impeccable enterprise application for your business. By choosing Saffron Tech as your enterprise application development partner, you will not have to burn a hole in your pocket to get a world-class enterprise application.

Trust Saffron Tech to build an enterprise application that guarantees a higher return on investment!


Yes, Saffron Tech makes sure that your business is given the utmost attention by assigning a dedicated team of project developers who will be at your beck and call right from the starting of the project till its maintenance.

This depends on several factors such as your business’s needs and requirements, your budget, and the time taken in developing the application.

Saffron Tech believes in transparency. The cost of the entire project, depending upon the requirements, will be shared with you prior to signing the papers so as not to keep you in the dark.

Yes, we will inform you of every process so that you know the development phase and get answers to queries promptly, if any.

From retail to manufacturing, hospitality, to e-commerce, regardless of which industry you are operating in, we guarantee creating a robust application for enriched user experience and maximum profitability.

We do not believe in one size fits all approach. Depending on your business, its scale, requirements, and demand, our developers will analyze and strategize a customize solution to develop an app that is aligned with your business’s objective and serves the purpose of achieving maximum return on investment.

Yes, our maintenance and support team is available round the clock for all your app-related queries.

Our developers are competent and always bring their A-game when it comes to using the latest tools and technology. You can trust our Android developers in building an app that brings your profit.

Our apps will run smoothly across all leading platforms. Our dedicated team of developers will make sure that it is fast, data-efficient yet light so that it doesn’t ruin the user’s experience

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