Saffron Tech has been a Microsoft Gold Certified partner for over 11 years with expertise in .NET application development. Our journey is full of commitment to excellence evident in various types of enterprise projects undertaken, integrations as well as legacy application migrations in different industry verticals.

Our specialty lies in .NET development since we work with precision and perfection. We understand that no two businesses are the same, so off-the-shelf solutions may not always be suitable. For this reason, our group of accomplished .NET developers utilize all possibilities available through the .NET ecosystem including up-to-date technologies like ASP.NET, and NET Core among others, to develop custom software solutions that go beyond expectations. Whether you have just started a project or are looking to improve your already existing software applications; our experience in .NET development ensures sturdy and scalable answers that will endure well into the future. For every single project, starting from idea generation until final implementation and delivery we hold numerous meetings with our clients where they tell us what they want and receive unique business growth-oriented design that drives success.

Our Domain Expertise


Custom .NET

Our custom .NET development services, including custom software development, are designed to ease the most complicated processes by creating scalable, secure, and powerful desktop, online, and mobile apps that meet your particular business needs.



.NET solutions are simply more secure and provide better integration functionality with third-party tools. Our experienced developers can proficiently migrate your legacy applications. NET. MIgrate VB to VB.NET, ASP to ASP.NET, or other legacy migrations.


.NET eCommerce

Create a visually attractive and powerful custom e-commerce portal by leveraging our .NET eCommerce expertise to sell your products in the best light and make a better connection with your customers.


.NET Mobile

Build and deploy reliable mobile web and native applications using ASP.NET and Xamarin. Our expert Xamarin developers make sure that your native mobile application runs smoothly on iOS, Android, and Windows platforms.


.NET Integration

Utilizing our expertise in .NET development services, we leverage the WCF framework to seamlessly integrate all your CRM, ERP, social media accounts, and other proprietary software using third-party applications. Our comprehensive approach to net application development services ensures a streamlined view of your business, harnessing the power of .NET technology and its framework supports to enhance efficiency and productivity.


Cloud App

Our expert team of .NET application developers is proficient in cloud app development using the Microsoft Azure Platform to reduce project costs and enhance productivity.

Our Skill sets in the .Net platform

Saffron Tech is a top-ranked .Net Application development company, providing a comprehensive range of .Net application development services to clients worldwide. We design, develop and deploy cost-effective web and software applications using an intuitive programming model and robust API set of .Net framework.


We make use of the latest .NET architecture,.NET tools and technologies to draft, build and develop reliable, accessible, scalable and easy-to-maintain app solutions for higher user engagement and boost your revenue growth.


Our .NET developers are proficient in adroitly managing Oracle and Microsoft SQL database. They are adept in data and data science and can both architect and maintain a database as a developer with technical competence. They are adept in keenly operating the administration, optimization and analysis of database application development services.

BI Tool

Our .NET developers will also act as a readily available Bi Tool consultants in effectively setting up semantic layers/create reports/visualizations between the database and the reporting tool. They will efficiently design, implement and support infrastructures of various enterprises.


Platform versatility is at the core of our expertise. Our .NET developers excel in building and developing ecommerce websites, website mobile apps, and dashboards across all major platforms, including the .NET platform, cross platform framework, and the Universal Windows Platform. Leveraging open source development platforms, our team delivers solutions that seamlessly transcend multiple platforms, ensuring compatibility and accessibility across various devices and environments.


With a penchant for constant learning, our .NET developers not only hold expertise in a highest-level programming language but keep themselves abreast with the continually evolving coding environment and .NET framework features.

Content Management System (CMS)

Our .NET developers hold significant expertise in proficiently implementing .NET-based content management systems for creating a stable, flexible, and scalable website and web application to ease the user's experience.

Web Services

Our .NET developers dispense standard web protocol-based web services. The goal is to make sure that the users no longer have to depend on the local networking system or their hardware and take advantage of seamless communication across platforms.

Cloud Hosting

Implementing .NET, our developers are adept in building scalable, modern, and versatile cloud applications and cloud based solutions for all prominent cloud platforms such as AWS and Microsoft Azure.

Conquer Excellence

Partnering with Saffron Tech means collaborating with a highly talented team of Product Engineer experts. Get in touch with us to know what would be the best fit solution for you.

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