Saffron Tech is a premier partner of Microsoft Gold DevOps and Microsoft Qualified DevOps, delivering agile plans Azure DevOps Plans.

Azure DevOps is a Microsoft product that enables DevOps capabilities by offering cloud orchestration and other cloud services, supplying an end-to-end DevOps toolchain for the development and deployment of software. Azure is very flexible because of its ability to support multiple languages running on various platforms, allowing cloud deployment to any cloud, and integrating with CI/CD pipeline that helps you cover the entire application lifecycle. If you are looking to upgrade your existing business, then migrating to Azure DevOps should be the perfect solution for you as it can enhance your business value through its service offerings.

Saffron Tech’s Azure DevOps services can help you streamline, automate, and manage your organization’s project-based software development needs by building and deploying products, services, and applications at a fast pace. Our software-driven solutions can speed up your product development lifecycle and deliver a robust cloud-based infrastructure. Our Azure DevOps team consists of highly skilled developers, engineers, service desk experts, and architects who can help you with code controlling, package management, testing, developing, and release automation to critically test and monitor your application.

Why Choose Saffron Tech’s Azure DevOps Services?

  • 14+ Years Of Expertise In CI/CD & Automation
  • Reducing Time-To-Market
  • Reducing Your Cost With Reliable Solutions
  • Enabling Scalability
  • Short Development Lifecycle
  • Minimal Failure

Our Azure DevOps Services

  • Infrastructure Management
  • Configuration Management
  • Code Inspection & Integration
  • Deployment automation
  • AWS DevOps Services
  • Continuous Development
  • Monitoring And Tracking

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Partnering with Saffron Tech means collaborating with a highly talented team of Product Engineer experts. Get in touch with us to know what would be the best fit solution for you.

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