Maximize your firm’s success with our automated DevOps solutions, rapid software delivery, and continuous integration, along with release management and maintenance.

Rapid development, efficient deployment, and shorter time-to-market are the three crucial factors that determine your IT firm’s business growth. We are proficient in monitoring, managing, and enhancing local or cloud-based software infrastructures. Saffron Tech’s DevOps experts can optimize your resources, assign your workloads, and take care of scaling, configuring, and securing your environment.

In the past 14+ years of industry experience, we have garnered a high level of expertise in utilizing advanced DevOps Technologies. Form Gradle, Bamboo, Jenkins, and more, we specialize in delivering secured environments for IT operations, deployments within a shorter time span, and rapid delivery features for our clients.

With a record of providing robust and proven IT solutions, our team of experts has been able to provide our clients with a powerful DevOps Implementation strategy. We are here to provide you with tons of capabilities with our on-demand workload management solutions, incremental development strategies, lightweight architectures, foolproof security services, and automated testing methods.

We provide a set of value-adding benefits with our DevOps services and solutions

  • Customized Monitoring Solutions For Your Business
  • Providing Agile Solutions And Scalability Opportunities
  • Delivering Resilient Features With Enhanced quality
  • Providing Top-Notch Innovation To Your Business
  • Ensuring Negligible Outages
  • Automated Provisioning Of Technology & Services With Zero Human Intervention

DevOps Services And Solutions Offered By Saffron Tech

  1. Process Of Planning And Assessment through which we develop a robust DevOps assessment framework while understanding your current business requirements and figuring out a set of traceable metrics.
  2. Creating A Powerful Framework by integrating your current IT tools with our open-source software ecosystems and robust tools.
  3. Implementation Strategies in which we analyze, develop, automate, design, and implement different solutions in some specific areas.
  4. CI/CD Pipeline through which we deliver a new software version that is supported by continuous integration, continuous development, continuous deployment, and continuous testing.
  5. DevOps Automation through which we deploy the updates at a faster pace to the applications lying in the production. We reduce the need for human assistance by automating code generation, testing, quality inspection, security checking, etc.
  6. End-to-end Security Integration under which we perform an inclusive end-to-end security integration via the ‘Security as Code’ method while utilizing the power of DevSecOps.

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