Client Overview

The client wanted to solve a major problem of facilitating a system for transportation for people waiting, arriving or departing from airports. They were looking for a streamlined solution that benefits taxi and cab drivers to connect over a single virtual portal to get real-time updates about passenger traffic in terminals, road traffic etc.


Based on the client’s vision we consulted to create a cross platform mobile app that serves as a subscription based virtual portal to serve the client’s purpose and model of operations.

We created the following objectives for the app:

  • The ‘Taxi Holding Lines’ App will aim to improve time and cost efficiency as well as enable taxi drivers to serve passengers better.
  • The drivers can select their destination airport based on the passenger traffic in waiting and make the most of their serviceability.
  • The App needed to perform on a subscription based model which would provide revenue to enhance the business.


  • One of the major challenges we encountered was to manage the extensive amount of real-time data. We needed to concise it and ensure we can deliver an App that can deliver uninterrupted performance.
  • Time coordination was tricky to manage as we were dealing with airports, passengers and taxi drivers all across the US which has 4 distinct time zones.

Technology & Framework

  • For Android we used Java Framework.
  • For iOS we used Swift Framework
  • To create the backend we used .NET

Solutions Offered

  • Despite various creative ideas we had for the UI, we wanted to keep a simple approach to the layout. So the client and our team both agreed on a white background with a lighter shade of Navy Blue for the Buttons. This was the color used in their logo thus establishing a brand connect.
  • We selected to build the Android App on Java framework with .NET API sync features which helped us create a scalable and secure application. For iOS we stuck with Swift framework as that is the most stable yet intuitive.
  • We created customized notification systems that are easy to deploy and work across devices despite the platform.

The Results

  • The final application was launched after an intensive phase of QA testing.
  • The results of terminal traffic and data were accurate up to 99.99%. This was a major challenge that we were successful in resolving.
  • The App was capable of working seamlessly across a wide range of devices for both Android and iOS.
  • The Driver Registration and Subscription plans were implemented successfully and the resulting transactions were appropriately recorded.