Client Brief

Ingle Fence Company have been a local business serving their customers for over 50 years now. They specialize in providing quality fence installations. Their product range includes metal, stone, and wood-based fences. They needed an agency that could drive leads and ranking locally.

Our Challenges

Ingle Fence Company had the following objectives:

  • Top Local Rankings on Google
  • Leads from Organic Search

Our Solutions

  • We performed the initial website audit and provided the following solutions:
  • We optimized the website and conducted various fixes based on Google’s adherences so that the site is ready for capturing leads and rank properly. Their Contact Us form had issues that were limiting its potential for capturing and reporting leads.
  • Based on the competitor assessment we identified their competitor’s activities and sites that they were getting most of their traffic from. We started targeting them through our networks.
  • We carried out the key activities of building backlinks and business listings.

Our Results

Within the first 3 months, we started seeing positive movement in their local rankings. Following this, we continued our activities to ensure that low-hanging fruits transit on to the first page, while at the same time the top keywords retain their positions.

Keywords Present Ranking Initial Ranking
Fence Companies In North Little Rock 1 28