Client Overview

The client hails from the Travel & Tourism industry, based out of India, was looking for a powerful progressive cross-platform B2B application that would enable their travel agents to interact with customers and make their bookings seamlessly on the platform. They needed a solution that would be easy to use and incorporate and helps their agents to close more deals through a Single Window Solution to search, book, and serve the clients from one dashboard. This would help them to reduce a lot of manual effort on the part of the agents having to look through multiple booking platforms for the best prices before being able to serve their customers.


  1. An easy-to-use platform for integrated booking and registration facility
  2. Engage Agents, Corporates & Customers on the same platform
  3. Integrated bookings and facilitate real-time sales report
  4. Search, Initiate & Manage Bookings and Invoice management
  5. White-Labeled Solution


  1. Making a Cross-platform application that provides swift-response time and results
  2. Integrating different 3rd party APIs to populate and automate hotel rates and availability
  3. Integrating secured invoicing & payment management system

Application Features

Travel & Tourism Industry

  • Independent Account Registration System for Travel Agents
  • Advanced Location-Based based search functionalities for customers and travel agents to narrow their search as per their preferences
  • Ability to fetch the best prices from the entire database and facilitate quick bookings for Agents with a vision of creating an easy integration facility for QuickBooks as it is widely used for accounting tasks the world over.
  • Customized and white-label booking confirmations and interactions between customers and agents
  • Accounts and Financials management system for both, individual and intra-agency accounting

Technology Used

Being a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner company, we used MVC.NET and MS SQL. It helped us create a robust enterprise-class platform capable of handling thousands of data points with negligible latency.

The Final Product


  • We created Reservio, a B2B Travel Booking Application dedicated for travel agents to facilitate quick, easy, and personalized bookings for their customers.
  • With several 3rd party hotel and tourism data services, we were able to integrate a smart algorithm that would not only populate the required data but also provide advanced data-filter options that facilitate the booking process.
  • We integrated Whitelabel email solutions for agents to communicate their deals with their customers from the dashboard itself. It is not only easy but also gives a personal touch to the customer.


  • Reservio as a simple frontend for users to engage and a robust backend for managing
    • Individual agents and their bookings.
    • Accounts receivables and invoicing
    • Hotel pricing and details database management
    • Sales tracking and reporting feature for the client to overview their team’s sales and receivables report
  • Pricing and booking features were modified to include tax exemption and credit provision options so that agents could offer flexibility and best rates to their customers – all managed through the dashboard in a few simple clicks.