Client Overview

Our client offers a popular social sharing app that allows its users to participate in challenges and post them in the app. These challenges encourage the user to post videos or photos and share them with their friends. The app gets more appealing as each user gets to earn points or a reward if they participate in a challenge.

The platform also features several business partners who can upload products that users can buy via coupons they earned earlier. It is an interactive app where users and businesses can enjoy certain shared benefits.


This feature-rich social sharing app was designed and developed by the developers of Saffron Tech; they offered them a secure and more interactive app development solution. The solution includes our native app development services and an ASP.Net solution that would help them manage a massive user base with APIs & an admin Panel on both app and website.


The aim was to develop a robust, responsive, and interactive app using a suitable app development approach while ensuring that the app launches quickly. The purpose was to create a high-performing app and a secure one that provides users with a premium user experience. For the overall management of the site, we had to develop a dedicated web-based admin panel.

Solution Offered

We offered a Native app development approach for their mobile application with an ASP.Net solution for backend development. The ASP.NET framework allows us to utilize native optimization, early binding, caching services, and just-in-time compilation.

It requires less coding, maintenance and provides seamless development support. With new upgrades and enhancements, the core framework offers highly optimized codes that deliver improved app performance. The ASP.NET Core fulfills all the business requirements as it provides different types of web app development and mobile backend along with IoT application development.

Technology Used

  1. Mobile App (iOS & Android) for Users – Native App development (iOS – Swift, Objective C, Android – Kotlin, Android Studio)
  2. Super Admin – ASP.NET MVC or ASP.NET core 2.0, C# & MS SQL Database.

We designed some premium features for the platform as per our clients’ expectations. We ensure that we follow secured database protocols that provide them an added security edge.For users –

  • For authentication of user details, users can generate a verification link via their registered email.
  • They can also use their Google or Facebook accounts to sign up or log in.
  • The home screen features a notification icon, search bar, points, and challenges.
  • Users can use the search function to search their in-app queries.
  • Users will be able to view the list of tasks shared by the Admin of the system.
  • Each task will have some reward points.
  • Users can generate a link that can be shared (on Facebook, Whatsapp, etc.)
  • Users will view the messages on the app. (Recent chats, conversations, etc.)
  • Users will be able to receive different types of notifications on the app.
  • Users will be able to view/manage all account-related settings.

For Business partners –

  • Business partners can sign up, create their account, choose a subscription plan from the list and make the payment.
  • They can view the notification icon, search bar, and all their postings on the home screen.
  • Businesses will be able to view/manage products they want to feature on the app.

For super Admin

The super admin panel will allow for the overall management of the site, including content management and targeting, content editing/publishing, review of requests/inquiries received, and generation of various reports. The panel would be password protected and will be accessible by the Admin only.

Final Conclusion

Experts at Saffron Tech followed the best industry practices to create an encrypted and secured app. This social sharing app was a unique project for our team. We also offered a free-of-cost 1-hour Digital Marketing Guidance session to understand how the client wants to promote the application after the app development. It works seamlessly on all iOS and Android platforms as well as on a web domain.