Today, almost every company is using a consumer-centric approach while designing and developing its apps. Years ago, numerous companies used to rely on a product-centric approach. Then, why did these tech companies bring a change in their approach? With technological advancements like AngularJS development and a customer-centric approach, the mobile app-building industry has been able to meet the current demands of its customers. Thus, enabling them to foster sales and more brand recognition! A customer-centric approach permits businesses to enhance their services, products and meet market demand quickly. Therefore, it enables the company to uplift its business standards. 

Nowadays, businesses with a customer-centric approach feature some unique qualities. They study their previous client base to make new enhancements in their product or services. It allows their previous clients to make suggestions through which the company can make certain adjustments. We all know the importance of client feedback! It helps the company to increase its operational efficacy, customer service, and sales growth. Thus, we can say that understanding, analyzing, and tracking the customer journey can enhance a company’s business game plan.


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Since businesses seek a client-centric approach, AngularJS, a JavaScript framework, provides specialized tools well-suited for the Front End Development of mobile applications and other web apps. When it comes to developing a winning front-end experience, the AngularJS framework overpowers other frameworks available in the market. According to a survey published in August 2021, 22.96% of software developers said they utilize the AngularJS framework for software development. 

Therefore, if your business plans to create a mobile or web app, hiring a dynamic AngularJS development agency can ease the process. Outsourcing AngularJS developers is suitable for a business because they offer unique expertise and knowledge, drastically reducing your workload. Many people draw comparisons between AngularJS and other frameworks; however, we can highlight the critical reasons for choosing the AngularJS framework. As per the global usage report of the AngularJS framework, the United States of America has more than 67,700 AngularJS websites, followed by Russia with 22,300. The current version of AngularJS offers multiple benefits; let’s discuss these prime reasons one by one.

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Why consider Web Development using Angularjs For Building Front-end Experiences?

1. High Performance & Interactive UI With AngularJS Development

AngularJS is very popular because it allows developers to create highly functional, feature-rich web applications. AngularJS development is also famous for its rapid development. Hence, it will enable businesses to release applications in a short time. It provides some powerful features like form validation, filters, data binding, routing, etc. These extensive features enable a developer to build scalable applications within a short span. Features like CLI or Common Line Interface and IDEs make the framework suitable for fast app-building.

Apart from high performance, the framework also allows you to develop a highly interactive user interface. Therefore, you have a better opportunity to engage clients for a longer time. Hence, you get to boost your client retention. According to the survey conducted by StackOverflow in 2019, around 30.7% of software developers said that they find the AngularJS framework suitable for building user interfaces. With customizable elements, developers have the freedom to design their UI as per client requirements. The developers can engage UI interfaces by aligning their design with the target audience’s interest, market status, and app type. Another major highlight of using this framework is that it is lightweight.

2. Integration of MVC and MVVM Architecture

The framework employs the MVC architecture, which allows developers to split up the website framework. Such segregation enables the developers to save time and meet crucial deadlines. They can seamlessly deliver projects at a rapid pace that allows them to stay on schedule. Besides that, the MVVM and MVC applications are pretty simple and easy to apply. As mentioned above, the framework splits up the application into three different parts. The first part is used for data viewing, the next part is meant for data handling, and the last part gets utilized for building a link between the model and the view.

3. Code Reusability

Code reusability is one of the most premium features of AngularJS. It allows the developer to reuse the code that they had already written. Hence, developers save a lot of time and don’t have to invest their time in making extra efforts. Due to this reason, the speed of mobile app development increases rapidly. They get to deliver their projects within their fixed timeline. Another advantage of code reusability is that it allows the developer to modify apps easily. How? With minor code updates, the developer can make new improvements or add new features.

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4. Two-Way Data Binding

Another primary reason why you should consider the AngularJS framework for building app interfaces is two-way data binding. Two-way data binding allows developers to implement UI modification on the app seamlessly. Once the changes are made, the app interface will automatically reflect the new modification. It also allows developers to implement better coding while saving more time. The framework provides a brief analysis of the changes directly on the app interface, making it a desirable framework for the modern digital era.

5. Faster SPA and DOM Manipulation

The framework provides numerous SPA features, which provides a seamless workflow. SPA and DOM manipulation enables the developer to build front-end experiences effectively and efficiently while holding the whole form-validation process. Due to this reason, an AngularJS developer can create an uninterrupted interface with interactive features. Hence, your business can develop a robust interface while saving coding time. Why? Developers build more agile SPA development with a readily interpretable user interface, seamless navigation, and a swifter app-building process. Hence, AngularJS offers the most reliable user experience.


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6. Dependency Injection

Dependency Injection makes the app development process smoother and more straightforward. It enhances the speed of development and testing efficiency by utilizing dependency injections for SPA features. Due to this, developers can quickly reduce the hassle experienced during coding. Therefore, the combination of dependency injections in app development results in a feature-driven development.

7. Excellent Community Support

AngularJS offers extensive community support that assists the developers. While building front-end experiences, developers can rely on the professionals as AngularJS offers enormous community support. The framework intends to provide relevant answers to the developers within a minimal time frame. The AngularJS community consists of developers and experts who have years of expertise in offering services to leading tech giants. The developers on the community support are ready to help other developers to deliver an ideal solution to their problems. From complicated bugs to front-end issues, the community offers all kinds of solutions.


The growing popularity of front-end development is pretty evident. That is why today, the AngularJS framework has become one of the most demanded frameworks. Web application development using Angularjs offers interactive website applications that are engaging and are built with robust features. In the sections mentioned above, we have focused on the reasons that highlight the reasons why your company should choose AngularJS. The web experiences built on this framework attract users, boost user engagement, and help businesses promote their products. If you are looking for a reliable AngularJS development agency, then we can help you out.

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