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Saffron Tech is a reputable IT company providing a wide array of IT services and innovative products that act as a revolution in the way we work, network, communicate and track data in real time.


Keep a tab on all your leads and make your sales team more efficient with the help of our CRM tool. Our CRM helps you streamline all your sales processes. From pipeline management and sales forecasting to reminding your team members to take regular follow-ups from fading leads, our tool can help you seal all the leaks in your sales process.

Inventory Management System

Are you struggling with efficiently managing all your inventory? We know exactly how difficult it can be for you to manage all the products in your warehouse. Doesn’t matter if you have one warehouse or ten, our Inventory Management System can help you keep a tab on all your products across various geographical locations easily with the help of a seamless interface.

Human Capital Management

Automate a majority of your HR tasks like payroll management, performance evaluation, employee recruitment & onboarding, employee attendance & reporting, KPI management, PF & TDS deduction and other benefits deductions using our simple HRMS tool. Forget paperwork and streamline all your HR processes with our software that can do all the legwork for you.

Time Sheet Management System

Track the time your employees take for completing each task and allocate resources accordingly with the help of our Time Sheet Management System. The tool will also help you measure employee performance, calculate project cost, streamline payroll processes, and automate billing and invoicing.

GPRS Tracking Sytem - IoT

Keep a track of your entire fleet with our GPRS tool. Our GPRS tracking equipment is built with high-grade material and comes equipped with custom software that will help you keep a tab on the whereabouts of your entire fleet by just looking at its dashboard. The tool also lets you export all the data it has recorded with the click of a button.


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