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Angular JS

AngularJS is used by well-reputed websites such as several internet payment companies, video streaming platforms, big online marketplaces, and many more. AngularJS development has garnered great recognition amongst other JS frameworks. The reason being its simplicity and unbeaten flexibility that has helped programmers deliver large-scale results. AngularJS offers several opportunities such as DOM manipulation, two-way data binding, quicker application prototyping, better server performance, etc.

Benefits of Using AngularJS Framework

  • Fast website transition due to single-page application (SPA) feature. Supports SPA development that provides quick loading speed, effectivity on all platforms, and offers a top-notch user experience.
  • MVC or Model View Controller Framework for developing web applications rapidly. Suitable for both web and mobile applications.
  • It offers a data binding, event-driven, modular architecture.
  • Provides great solutions for faster front-end development due to the features like directives, dependency injection instead of lengthy coding, and MVC pattern.
  • Faster development of high-end dynamic web applications because AngularJS eliminates the need for any third-party software to support an application.
  • AngularJS provides huge flexibility when it comes to coding due to its simple architecture.

Saffron Tech’s AngularJS Solutions

Saffron Tech’s AngularJS development services can fulfill all kinds of enterprise and business needs when it comes to web and mobile development. We offer state-of-art tools, resources, and technologies that help us in creating smart solutions for all types of businesses. We have delivered our top-notch angular development services to several brands globally. Our experienced developers possess all the required skills and knowledge that have enabled them in delivering angular solutions to a diverse range of projects.

Why Choose Saffron Tech for AngularJS Development?

We have a well-renowned name in the industry as we are known for providing AngularJS consulting and development services for clients that come from different parts of the world. Our developers specialize in building high-quality mobile and web apps as they have in-depth knowledge of this framework.

  1. Saffron Tech offers dynamic AngularJS development solutions. We utilize the power of MYSQL combined with SPA development in the backend.
  2. We work on open-source frameworks that help in the application maintenance of powerful applications and their deployment.
  3. We prefer the best ways of configuration that effectively reduce your development costs.
  4. We are known for setting up sophisticated databases that provide development-friendly opportunities with faster execution because of fewer codes.
  5. We offer on-demand assistance and maintenance to our clients from stage of development to final production.

Our Angular Development Services

Our dedicated team of strategists and developers have all the prerequisite knowledge of the latest framework and the latest tools that enable them to provide premium angular web development services under which they deliver well-structured front-end applications that are highly responsive and scalable.

Our services include –

  1. AngularJS Consulting
  2. Developing interactive dashboards for enhanced UX.
  3. Custom AngularJS Web development and Enterprise Web development.
  4. eCommerce and marketplace web development.
  5. Custom Widgets Development.
  6. Setting up Social Media Platforms.
  7. Web Portal Development.
  8. Providing Certified AngularJS experts.
  9. Cross-platform Web Applications.
  10. Migration or up-gradation of legacy apps into advanced versions.

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