Google has recently announced that they will be transforming the way Google searches work on mobile devices. Since 2013, when Google introduced “Enhanced Campaigns” to create separate mobile and desktop campaigns, it has kept transforming the mobile ad types and features.

This year, Google focused on bringing new and interesting changes to Google Ads, DoubleClick and analytics. Various other changes were also announced at Google Marketing Next in San Francisco. These changes include updating Google text ads across every devices and responsive mobile display ads that can easily access native mobile ad inventory.

Technology is getting closer to create a seamless experience for the users. AMP’s faster loading speed is engaging more people by creating seamless experience at every interaction.

You can watch the below video for the full coverage of the event

Here are the highlights from the annual event.

Local Search Ads will be Displayed on Google Maps to drive more consumers

Google revealed “next generation local search ads”. The new ads will be displayed on the app within Google Maps across mobile and desktop versions. In these new ads, offers and brand logos will flash directly on the surface instead of parallely with the map.

There are more than billions of people leveraging Google Map to visit destinations. In the past year, this has grown 50% faster than overall mobile searches. In order to attract online traffic to local businesses from Map, Google is working on new ad formats like promotion pins.

There are two crucial changes in the local search ads i.e, users can search the local inventory and advertisers can focus on in-store promotion.

In order to guide consumers, marketers are leveraging innovation like local inventory ads and Promoted Places to display special offers and their in-stock at nearby stores. They can use location extensions to find store from YouTube video ads

Google’s mapping technology and advanced machine learning helps measure store visit accurately and use these insight for better local ad experiences.

Smart Bidding through Machine Learning

Google’s smart bidding will be powered by machine learning. Google stated that, this machine learning is somewhat similar to the one they use in Google Assistant, Google Photos, AlphaGo and more. However, now it will be leveraged to inform how much to bid for any particular keyword.

Machine learning algorithm is trained on data for an accurate predictions about your account such as, how various bid amounts might impact the conversion value.

With Google Attribution every marketer can measure the impact of marketing across various channels and devices at one place without any additional cost. Machine learning is the key to measure consumer journeys which spam numerous devices and channels across physical and digital worlds. Integration with Google Analytics, AdWords and DoubleClick Search bring the data together helping you view the complete and accurate performance.

One can easily switch to data driven attribution. Machine learning is leveraged for data-driven attribution to determine the credit that is to be assign at every step of consumer journey. AdWords smart bidding through machine will allow you to set customized settings and performance targets to meet your unique business objectives.

Powerful Audience Insights

Machine learning is used for in-market audience to get a better understanding of purchase intent. Around trillions of search activities are analyzed across various websites to evaluate people who are about to buy and surface ads that will interest them.

Double Description in Expanded Text Ads

For all those people who feels that 80 characters description line affords a lot of room for getting your message across, soon the character count will be double.

In February, Google had removed right side ads to create more unified Google experience on various devices. In the new changes, expanded text are about to get bigger. Earlier, advertisers were provided with two 30 character headlines. According to Google, longer headlines will be beneficial for advertisers as it will result in better qualified traffic.

Google has now expanded the characters in the description line. Google AdWords will now extract domain automatically from the final URL. After that advertisers can add one to two ways to enhance the display URL.

Better Measurement

Adwords help businesses construct the space between physical and digital worlds by measuring in-store conversions. After some time in-store conversions will be widely available to every kind of businesses. This is critical as around 90% of sales will be conducted through stores rather than online. Google will look at the location history of the phone to determine whether the person visited the store or not.

There are two tools to measure store sale completely and accurately.

  • Import transaction data into AdWords
  • Advantage of third party partnership to get store sale data

Both the solutions matches transaction data to Google Ads.

Responsive Display Ads

Google is planning to create responsive display ads with headline, image and description. This will help you run ads that can adapt to your website content. This in a way means, no more pain to create ad from different formats. Google is bringing a halt to Responsive Display Ads.

With the increase in mobile search growth, Google is trying to improve quality across devices in real frame by connecting data. Google is offering broader reach with audience as advertisers will be able to assign any attribution model and will not remain circumscribed to just the last click. In order to stay ahead, you need to jump into this opportunity right away instead of letting your competitors beat you with bigger ads.

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