According to Statista,” In 2018, 52.2 percent of all website traffic worldwide was generated through mobile phones, up from 50.3 percent in the previous year. Mobile currently accounts for half of all global web pages served.”

Can you stay a day without your smartphone? Seems to be an impossible task right. We have created such dependency on mobile devices, due to the undeniable fact that they have made life so much simpler. These applications are lifesavers that get millions of people through the day.

These apps hold great importance for the general population; thus, they have to be interactive and engaging. App development services are provided to companies that are seeking to promote their services. Therefore, for the application to target potential customers, it must have an innovative approach. Mobile apps help your company grow, as well as increases revenue and brand recognition.

Industries That Are Benefiting From Digitization

Recently, a majority of industries are investing in the development of interactive mobile applications, and the reason is quite apparent. Some of the industries that have used mobile apps for business and got terrific results are:

Healthcare Industry 

The healthcare field has incorporated the use of mobile apps and wearable devices for a certain period of time now, and the impact of apps on the healthcare industry is enormous. Apart from online booking and scheduling of appointments, storing patient health stats at any time and place, there are various other ways apps are benefiting the industry. It also helps doctors in remote monitoring of patients,  and identification and curing diseases through patient data, which has been made possible only through the use of these monitoring devices and applications.

Tourism Industry 

Mobile Apps

The tourism industry has incorporated mobile applications to acquire more customers and also use it to provide better services to them. These tourism specific apps are revolutionizing the tourism industry by allowing customers to check-in and check out with ease. Travelers can now look up the availability of hotels on any device without having to take the trouble of calling each and every hotel. Mobile apps open them to various opportunities. They can compare the price of a room on different apps, which can prove to be very financially helpful.

Entertainment Industry 

The entertainment industry has expanded its viewership to mobiles, tablets, and other devices. This rapid shift is the result of an increase in mobile usage over the years. Mobile apps let users view all entertainment shows, at their convenience of time and place.  Everything is available on these apps from live streaming to news updates. They say that mobile devices have become the new TV, which is only possible through these apps.

Food & Beverages Industry 

Restaurants have made great strides in their services by the adoption of mobile apps. This has made them one of the most successful industries of all time. These mobile apps help enhance user satisfaction. People can now order food sitting right in the comfort of their home with the click of a button. Based on customer reviews, they can now better judge a restaurant. The most significant benefit that restaurants have by using mobile apps is that they increase visitors, which in turn increases the sales and profits.

7 Reasons Why Your Business Needs An App

While many business owners may think to develop and to have an app is too expensive or additional investment, a mobile app can help a business engage with and build their customer base, along with increasing sales. Also, it improves their reputation in the market. Here are the top seven benefits of developing an app:

  1. Build Brand and Recognition

    A mobile app for your business can significantly contribute to your brand awareness. I want to break this topic down into two aspects, the combination of which will make your app a real winner:

    • Brand: A mobile app helps you creatively display yourself. The options and opportunities are endless; you can make it stylish, functional, or informative. You should create an application with all of the features that your company provides. This engaging and creative display of your company will be well-appreciated by your customer.
    • Recognition: You will notice an increase in the users buying your product or service, alongside a spike in the engagement of your app. In the business of advertising, “effective frequency” states that, hearing and seeing your brand approximately 20 times is what will get you honestly noticed.
  2. Audience building

    With an increase in mobile app usage, many industries are benefiting from mobile application development, which has helped them increase their customer base. Interaction with new users has become more accessible with the help of mobile apps. Mobile apps help both small and big businesses in audience building, which is considered to be one of the most important benefits of developing a mobile application.

  3. Customer loyalty growth

    Mobile Apps

    Mobile apps are business’ powerful tool to increase loyalty. Customers are now able to make reservations, order food, or pay for the services they choose, using dedicated apps. Companies push loyalty increasing programs into their mobile apps by sharing promotions, discounts, and bonuses with their users.

    Personalization tools such as push-notifications; about new promotions and discounts, can be taken advantage of. You can provide new users with offers to exclusive and unique bonuses. Mobile applications offer your users with 24/7 access to your companies information regarding products and services that you offer. Increase in customer loyalty generates an increase in sales.

  4. Stand Out From the Competition

    Even in this digitizing world, not all companies have a mobile app. But you can take advantage of this situation by developing an app, that creatively displays your company and its services. Providing your customers with an app will increase your engagement and credibility. An app will help increase your sales and brand reputation. Developing an app provides your customers with the ability to opt for your services or buy your product at any time and any place.

  5. Strong Marketing Tool

    Mobile apps offer a wide range of information on the services and products your business provides. The type of app that you require depends on the nature of the business.Businesses use mobile applications to advertise their products and services since it is quick and easily accessible. Businesses are capable of interacting with a customer, with the use of push-notifications; notifying them about updates, insights, and promotions. In this digitizing world where potential customers are glued to their mobile devices, it is most profitable to own an app.

  6. Increased Customer Engagement

    By having a mobile application, you provide your customers with an effective interactive platform. Your mobile app makes it easier for your customer to digitally find your business.

    Before the implication of apps in business, people had to make personalized calls, which was time consuming and ineffective. However, now they can do anything in a matter of few clicks. Through the use of mobile apps, businesses have been able to increase their customer engagement. Apps help save time and money for both the customer and the business.

  7. Ease of payment

    Mobile Apps2
    Businesses that incorporate eCommerce are in need of online payment options for their products and services. A secure payment option is one of the most crucial aspects which can help boost your business’ growth. Apps are much more user friendly than websites, and when they incorporate a secure payment option, their capabilities of attracting more visitors increase. The safe payment option is the most practical benefit of mobile apps.

Any business striving for development should walk hand in hand with the latest technologies and should incorporate the newest innovations. Mobile apps are a tool that help businesses boost their efficiency.

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